Black lesbian couple causes stir on Twitter with photos of their engagement

A Black lesbian couple’s celebration of their engagement has caused a stir on Twitter with the couple receiving tons of homophobic reactions mostly from fellow Black people.

Erica Nicole and her girlfriend Adia Marie recently got engaged in Hawaii and shared adorable pictures and video of the event on Twitter.

The post was initially met with love and before some Twitter users, mostly Africans, flooded the post with homophobic comments.

A Twitter user Isaac Anyama called same sex attraction a “psychiatric and spiritual issue.”

He wrote: “To be attracted to same sex is Psychiatric and spiritual issue. May they come to the saving grace and knowledge of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ!”

Another user called homosexuality an “understandable sin”, writing: “Being a gay is the worst lie you can ever lie to yourself It doesn’t make sense and it’s an understandable sin.”

“What a waste Jesus christ, rest in peace ladies”, wrote another Twitter user.

Here are screenshots of some of the comments:

Celebrating the couple, Twitter user @deevonraee wrote: “Congratulations!!! don’t know why all the men in these replies think they’re entitled to something they were never gonna have anyways. The ring is beautiful and you two are even more beautiful!”

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