Skin rashes, a major sign of coronavirus infection – New study

A new study has revealed that skin rashes could be a major sign that someone has contracted coronavirus.

Researchers at King’s College London looked at data taken from 20,000 Brits who had tested positive for coronavirus or were strongly suspected of having the virus.

They found 9% of coronavirus sufferers had experienced skin rashes, while 8% of people with other symptoms also had a skin ailment.

According to the study which has been posted online but not yet peer-reviewed, a rash may be the first or only symptom a coronavirus patient may experience.

This means that even individuals who have been presumed asymptomatic might have a rash.

Following the new finding, scientists are now calling for skin rashes to officially be recognised by the NHS as a symptom of coronavirus. According to researchers, adding skin rashes as a recognized symptom of coronavirus will prevent many cases of the infection from going undetected.

Scientists say indiviuduals should look out for these three types of skin rashes as an indicator for coronavirus infection:

a. Hive-type rash – a sudden appearance of raised bumps on the skin, which can be very itchy.

b. ‘Prickly heat’ or chickenpox-type rash – areas of small, itchy red bumps that can occur anywhere on the body, but particularly the elbows and knees as well as the back of the hands and feet.

c. COVID fingers and toes – check for eddish and purplish bumps on the fingers or toes, which may be sore but not usually itchy.

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