Meet Bridget Bema, the Kenyan girl in viral school video

A young Kenyan girl named Bridget Bema recently caught the attention of social media users after a video of her being called out for multiple offences in her school went viral on social media.

In the viral video, a Kenyan school administrator was seen calling out the names of the school kids who have committed a number of offences in school.

Bridget Bema’s name appeared in all the offences. Her name was in the list of latecomers, noisemakers, school bullies and disobedient students.

Social media users have reacted to the funny video with some calling Bridget Bema a “true hooligan” and others saying she is a “Marlian”.

Watch the full Bridget Bema video below:

Who is Bridget Bema?

Bridget Bema is a Kenyan content creator who is also the younger sister of rising Kenyan comedian, YY.

Bridget Bema is also regarded as a child comedian in Kenya.

Born on November 10, 2011, the adorable 9-year-old often appears in comedy videos with her brother.

Bridget Bema and her older brother, YY. (Source: Instagram)

In the viral school video, the tall man portraying the school administrator is actually Bridget Bema’s brother, YY.

You can follow Bridget Bema’s brother on Instagram @yycomedian.

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