Pastor Timi Adigun confesses to engaging in ‘inappropriate behaviour’ with girls

Pastor Timi Adigun of MINE Teenage Ministry who was earlier accused of sexually molesting teenagers from his ministry has admitted to engaging in “inappropriate behaviour” with young girls from his church.

Timi Adigun runs the MINE Teenage Ministry dedicated to coaching young girls on the values of remaining sexually pure.

In a public apology posted on social media on the night of Friday, December 11, Timi Adigun confessed he’s had inappropriate relations with females but said he is deeply sorry for his actions.

He also stressed that there was “no sexual intercourse” and that none of the girls involved was a minor.

His apology reads:

“The truth is, I was involved in inappropriate behaviour with females over a couple of years. I went against the sexual purity message I preach and believe in and I AM SO SO SORRY. I failed those of you who look up to me. Please find a place in your hearts to forgive me.

“I want to humbly state that there was no sexual intercourse with any, none was a minor, and my wife did not know about these actions while they happened. I have apologised to God, my wife, my in-laws, my family and some ministry members. I am here APOLOGIZING PUBLICLY.”

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