Many Nigerian women are married to gay men – Bolu Okupe

France-based Nigerian gay activist Bolu Okupe has in a recent online video discussed the negative effects of the Nigerian homophobic culture.

Okupe said it is important that Nigeria creates an environment where LGBT people are free to live their truth instead of leading a life of pretence and entering into sham marriages with women.

Bolu urged Nigerian women to help push for acceptance of gays because they are easily the victims when gay men live in pretence and get married to them.

Bolu Okupe who is one of the six sons of former Nigerian presidential aide Doyin Okupe said many Nigerian women are married to gay men.

He said:

“I feel like y’all women should be fighting more for acceptance because a lot of y’all are married to gay men. I’m sorry but your whole life are a sham. Your husbands are living in secrecy and leading double lives. I feel like some of you even know and probably don’t mind because he is rich or something.”

He said some of them even knows but because their husbands are rich choose to do nothing.

Bolu who recently came out as gay on Instagram said being gay is completely natural and not a thing of choice as many are led to believe.

He said gays have existed in Africa from the beginning and homosexuality was never a western import.

He said:

“We can’t all keep pretending like gay people are not amongst us. There are gay people everywhere. Being gay or part of the LGBTQ+ community is not European or Western. It’s just human nature.”

He said it is not possible for anyone, especially someone living in Africa, to wake up one day and choose a life that will subject him to a lot of discrimination and danger.

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