Mo Abudu responds to copyright infringement claims by journalist Tobore Ovuorie over Òlòtūré movie

Nigerian filmmaker Mo Abudu has finally addressed claims of copyright infringement made by journalist Tobore Ovuorie in relation to the Netflix movie, Òlòtūré.

Journalist Tobore Ovuorie had earlier gone on social media to call out Mo Abudu and other members of the movie’s production team for allegedly using her work without credit.

Ovuorie claimed the movie was based on the investigative report she worked on while she was a journalist working with Premium Times Nigeria.

Responding to the copyright infringement claims, Mo Abudu explained that they obtained all the necessary rights to produce the movie from Tobore Ovuorie’s former employer, Premium Times Nigeria, who owns the rights to the investigative report used in the movie.

According to Mo Abudu, Premium Times stated that journalist Tobore Ovuorie cannot lay claim to the copyright of the investigative report as it belongs to the media company and its partner on that project based on the copyright laws of Nigeria.


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