The origin of Stingy Men Association of Nigeria and how to join


The Stingy Men Association of Nigeria is a newly formed organization charged with the responsibility of stopping Nigerian men from spending money on women and instead use their money for more productive endeavours.

The association trended all over social media a few days ago with their members which include many top Nigerian stars, the likes of Don Jazzy and Rudeboy, etc., sharing their ID cards on social media.

The association’s oath of allegiance empowers men to not give shishi to any member of the opposite sex. “Shishi” is a Nigerian slang that means “nothing” with emphasis.

Every intending member of the association is expected to take this oath of allegince which reads:

“I …… solemnly swear to uphold the dignity of this great association with due diligence. To never give shishi by any means of financial exploitation to the other gender. To respect and uphold the constitution of this great association. So, help me God.”

The origin of the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria

The Stingy Men Association trend actually started in Zambia when a group of Zambian men pledged not to spend more than 5 Zambian kwacha (ZMK) on their girlfriends and instead use most of their earnings in investments.

Nigerians soon adopted the trend, taking it up a a notch by creating a viral association that cancels men from rendering any form of financial assistance to people of the opposite gender.

The Stingy Men Association of Nigeria Twitter account

In the heat of the social media publicity, the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria also launched a Twitter account.

The newly created official Twitter account of Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (@SMANofficial) has garnered over 20K followers and counting as at the time of publishing this post.

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One thought on “The origin of Stingy Men Association of Nigeria and how to join

  1. Women are almost a destroyer to men destiny. Some were ready used there body as investment.
    Time to be free as come.

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