‘My banging body is my selling point in Nollywood’ – Actress Omosuwa Bukola reveals

Nollywood actress Omosuwa Bukola aka ‘Omoge Ikale’ has revealed that her selling points in Nollywood are her “banging body” and “pretty face”.

The 30-year-old actress made the revelation during a recent interview with Vanguard Newspaper.

Responding to the question of what she considers her selling points, Omoge Ikale said:

My banging body, sexy nose and pretty face. Yes! Aside from the talent God has bestowed on me, I’m privileged to also have a very pretty face and sexy body a lot of filmmakers are on the lookout for. Everyone wants a new face on the poster but a pretty one that is sellable. And I can boldly say it has also helped my career.

Omosuwa Bukola also said that she is attracted to men that smell nice.

I easily get turned off by an opposite-sex who can’t take good care of himself. Things that turn me off include poorly maintained teeth stained with cigarette smoke, general tardiness, unfaithfulness, jealousy and nagging. I get turned on when he smells nice, clean-shaven, open-minded, honest, humourous, humble and matured.

A short biography of Nollywood actress Omosuwa Bukola

Omosuwa Bukola is a fast-rising Nollywood actress and movie producer popularly known as Omoge Ikale. She got the nickname from her first self-produced movie titled “Omo Oko Ikale” where she played the lead character.

Omosuwa Bukola was born on February 9, 1991, and she is currently 30 years old. She is a native of Ondo State in Southwestern Nigeria. She is the first child of her parents and she has 4 siblings.

Omosuwa Bukola studied Home Economics at the College of Education, Benin City. She later enrolled at the National Open University, Akure Study Centre, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Management.

Some of the movies and TV series Omosuwa Bukola has featured in include:

  • Omo Meji
  • Akebaje
  • Olowo Idan series
  • Iseoluwa
  • Firekanmi
  • Ibudo Aje
  • Japa
  • Ooya Ife
  • Wemimo
  • Egungun Gbigbe
  • Kayo
  • Omo Oko Ikale
  • Ipinnu
  • 14 Days
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