Best way to make pounded yam without pounding

Pounding yam is one of the favorite swallows in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

Despite being a favourite for most people, many homes avoid making pounded yam mostly because of the stress of pounding.

The usual way of making pounded yam is by first boiling the yam and then pounding in a mortar. But this method can be stressful and energy-consuming. It takes a lot of physical strength to pound the yam the right way for it to come to a smooth, lump-free finish.

There is now good news. Food researchers have found a way (two ways actually) that you can make pounded yam without the need of pounding.

The news of enjoying your favorite pounded yam without having to pound may sound too good to be true but it’s real.

Here are the top two methods to make pounded yam without pounding:


  • Wash the yam tuber and peel.
  • Cut the peeled yam into tiny cubes
  • Wash the cubes and load into a blender
  • Blend into a smooth paste
  • Pour the paste into a pot and cook on medium heat
  • Keep stirring till lumps form
  • Continue stirring till the lumps are gone and the paste is smooth
  • Stop stirring. Add some water and cover the pot.
  • Cook for 5 – 7 minutes and turn off heat. You pounded yam is ready to be served.


This method involves the use of a food processor. Food processors are different from blenders as they can be set to chop, mix, puree, emulsify, grate, and shred food.

You can easily get one from the local mart or online store.

What a food processor looks like

Preparing pounded yam with a food processor:

  • Wash the yam tuber and peel
  • Cut peeled yam into small cubes
  • Load in a pot and boil
  • Drain boiled yam and load into the food processor while still hot.
  • Adjust the processor settings and turn it on.
  • You can add water if you prefer the yam to be soft.
  • Turn off processor when the paste is smooth and soft.

You can serve your pounded yam with any soup of your choice – egwusi, okra, onubu or oha, etc.

Watch this video by Rozy’s kitchen for more guide:

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