‘Marriage doesn’t work anymore – here are alternatives’ – Writer Hadley Freeman

In a new piece for The Guardian, British-American journalist Hadley Freeman writes that marriage no longer works at this present age.

“Marriage was invented back when humans were lucky to make it to age 20 without being sacrificed to the Sun God. People were never meant to live together for as long as we do now,” writes Freeman in her emotive article titled “Marriage doesn’t work (just ask Bill and Melinda)”.

Hadley Freeman’s article comes in the heat of Bill and Melinda Gates’ announcement of their coming divorce.

Ms Freeman in her article listed a number of viable alternatives to marriage at this era.

She wrote:

“Marriage, in its current incarnation, doesn’t work, and who better than me – someone who has been happily not married for ever – to come up with the alternatives?”

The alternatives to marriage Ms Freeman listed include:

  • Setting time limits for marriage where a couple can book to only stay married for a set period (say 10 years) and then go their separate ways.
  • Trying a onecule where “people can live on their own and be seen as extremely cool for doing so”.
  • Joining a cult – like one that provides free childcare.
  • Emulating Henry VIII and getting married up to six times.
  • Or, finally, just not doing it. Considering just living with your partner without the official marriage tag.

Hadley Freemans says:

“My partner and I have been together for a decade and we are not married, which means we will never divorce. Every time he goes out to the shop, I have no way of knowing if he’ll ever come back, because he’s not on the marriage leash. He probably will – we have three kids – but maybe he won’t. It’s exciting! Keeps things spicy. And that’s the real secret to longevity.”

You can read Hardley Freeman’s article titled “Marriage doesn’t work (just ask Bill and Melinda)” on The Guardian.

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