Old English Bakery Ikeja offers to pay man N25K per month for 15 hours of work daily

A young Nigerian man who applied for a cleaner position at Old English Bakery and Superstores, Ikeja GRA, has narrated how he was offered N25K (about $60) monthly salary for 15 hours of work daily.

The young man who did not reveal his name said he is expected to resume by 6:30 am and close by 10 pm every day.

He shared his story on a popular Nigerian forum. Read below:

I saw this cleaner job vacancy at Old English bakery at GRA, Ikeja, Lagos after months of job hunting. Due to the unavailability of one’s preferred kind of job, I like hotel jobs a lot, I decided to submit my CV to one of the bakery security men. It is hard to get a hotel job at GRA Ikeja despite the big and many hotels located there though. Man know man things.

I was called to come for an interview at their head office in Omole phase 1. I attended the interview. But the salary is manageable being that I am a single man without even a girlfriend. Early 30’s. But the resumption time was shocking. I would resume by 6.30 am and closes by 10 pm for #25k! Which kind of cleaning work be that?

And the bakery is own by a Nigerian. No break or free lunch. My mind told me there were other tasks I would be doing apart from cleaning because no cleaner would work till that time. So has anyone who has worked there before knows the job description in Old English Bakery?

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One Comment on “Old English Bakery Ikeja offers to pay man N25K per month for 15 hours of work daily”

  1. This is total lies, I have been working in Old English superstores since July 2018, As a security personnel, And I have never for once regret being part of old English superstores. Concerning the cleaning department, They only have full day 7am – 8am Twice in a week, The rest are shifts, 7 – 2, 2 – 8. I’m very sure that this Man didn’t do his findings very well. No cleaner closes by 10.

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