Brekete Family host Ahmed Isah aka ‘Ordinary President’ slaps another victim

Brekete Family host, Ahmed Isah, also popularly known as “Ordinary President” has been caught in another assault video.

A new video has emerged showing the moment Isah slapped a young man who was found writing down names of attendants according to how they arrived.

In the video, the young man was seen trying to explain to Ahmed Isah why he was writing the names before Isah transferred his microphone to the other hand and gave him a hot slap.

Watch the video of Ahmed Isah aka “Ordinary President” slapping another man below:

Ahmed Isah hosts the long-running radio and TV programme called “Brekete Family” (@BreketeConnect).

He was recently caught in a BBC Africa documentary slapping a lady who was accused of setting her brother’s daughter on fire over an allegation that she is a witch.

The BBC video stirred divided opinions on social media with many people supporting him for slapping the “wicked woman” while others condemned the conduct, noting it was unbefitting of a leader.

Isah was later invited by the police over the incident and later released with no details given on what transpired between him and the Police.

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