Actress Jemima Osunde fires her electrician for calling her ‘baby’

Nollywood actress Jemima Osunde has disclosed she would no longer be working with her electrician after the man referred to her as “baby” in a text message.

The 25-year-old actress shared a screenshot of the message she got from the electrician to her fans on Twitter and wrote:

“LMAO Electrician finished working. I gave my number & said to send me a message so I can save his own in case I need him to come do some work for me later. “This is my number baby” is what I got. What could be the cause my dear Lord?

“Anyway, he can never come into my house again that’s the end. Because I cannot finish treating my patient and say “see you at your next appointment baby” unless I’m in pediatrics or trying to lose my damn license.”

While some of the actress’s fans condemned the man’s conduct, others defended him, saying it was only a harmless way of “shooting his shot”.

Some also criticized Jemima for looking down on the man, stating that if the man had been a wealthy person, she wouldn’t have brought the matter to the internet.

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