Nuella Njubigbo’s marriage to Tchidi Chikere has reportedly ended

Reports that the 6-year marriage of popular Nigerian filmmaker Tchidi Chikere to his actress wife, Nuella Njubigbo has crashed have proven to be true.

A source has confirmed to DNB Stories that the couple no longer live together. According to the source, Nuella and Tchidi are not even talking to each other at the moment.

There are also reports that the new car Nuella bought was to celebrate her separation from Tchidi Chikere.

Rumours that Tchidi Chikere’s marriage to Nuella Njubigbo has ended started in mid-May after the couple unfollowed each other on social media.

Tchidi Chikere’s ex-wife, Sophia Williams also shaded the couple at that time, writing “Wetin dey happen to one love made in heaven?”

Trying to dispel the rumours, Tchidi Chikere later posted a video of himself and Nuella in bed together.

Fast forward to close to two weeks later, the rumours came back, this time with more evidence. Nuella has removed Tchidi’s surname “Chikere” from her Instagram bio. Her Instagram bio which also read “mother and wife” before now, has now been changed to “award-winning filmmaker, mum, CEO”.

Also, Chikere took to his Instagram account to share a cryptic post which further fuelled the speculations.

He wrote:

“Pain will leave you once it’s done teaching you. His grace has brought me this far, He is still with me.”

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