Full biography of Izzy Stannard – Story of his surgery, hair

Who is Isaiah ‘Izzy’ Stannard?

Izzy Stannard is an American teen actor famous for his role as a transgender boy named Ben Marks in the NBC show, “Good Girls”.

Izzy Stannard is a transgender in real life. It was learnt that when the show creators originally cast him for the show, he was to play Sadie Marks, a girl. But on finding out about Izzy’s transition into a transgender male, Jenna Bans (the show creator) decided to use that as an opportunity to tell the story of a young non-gender-conforming teen.

Full data profile of Izzy Stannard

Full nameIsaiah Stannard
Date of BirthOctober 1, 2004
Age17 years old
GenderTransgender male
ParentsKristin Johansen (mother),
Eric Stannard (father)
Place of BirthNew York City
Height5″3 feet
Marital StatusSingle

Isaiah ‘Izzy’ Stannard’s childhood and education

Izzy Stannard was born as a girl to parents Kristin Johansen (mother) and Eric Stannard (father), on October 1, 2004, in New York City.

Isaiah grew up with his parents in New York. His mother, Kristin Johansen is a singer, dancer and actress. His father, Eric Stannard, worked as a senior editor at Springer, a publishing company in New York.

Izzy Stannard attended The Professional Performing Arts School (PPAS) in Manhattan, New York City, where he was trained in acting, dancing and singing.

Asides from acting, Izzy Stannard is equally talented in singing. According to reports, the young actor still has a voice coach who trains him often.

Izzy Stannard’s transitioning to a boy

Izzy always had trouble identifying as a girl. At the age of 11, he finally expressed his wishes of wanting to be identified as “male” and referred to by the pronouns “he” and “him”.

Now, the trans actor, after surgery, fully identifies as male and has changed his name to Isaiah Stannard.

Izzy Stannard’s surgery

According to information gathered by DNB Stories Africa, Izzy Stannard has had a number of surgeries to completely transition from female to male, including hormone therapies and possibly a metoidioplasty – which involves reconstructing the clitoris into a penis.

Izzy Stannard’s career

Izzy Stannard has had an interest in acting right from childhood. Izzy’s love for acting was further reinforced when he played the role of “Charlie” from the 2005 musical fantasy film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” during a school play, for which he received praise.

He started his acting career doing voice-overs for cartoons in 2012. He landed his first movie role in 2015, appearing in a short movie titled “Star Stuff: The Story of Carl Sagan”.

He later appeared as young Ben Stiller in the 2017 American comedy-drama film “Brad’s Status”. He also appeared in “Party Dress” in same 2017, a movie about a ‘tomboy’ who attended a party wearing a pink dress.

However, Izzy Stannard’s big break came with his role in “Good Girls”. And when the show started streaming on Netflix, he became even more famous.

About Izzy Stannard’s character in “Good Girls”

In the show, the character Ben Marks (played by Izzy Stannard) is born a girl named Sadie. Sadie goes through a gender identity crisis and suffers harsh treatment from her unsympathetic classmates who repeatedly bullied her.

As the show progresses, in Season 2, Sadie expresses her wish to be identified as a boy to his mother and she happily accepts him.

Izzy Stannard outside acting

When Izzy is not on the set of a movie, he loves listening to music, travelling, partying with friends, and playing video games. His favourite colour is blue and he loves Italian food. He loves to play League of Legends which is his favourite video game. He also finds time to train himself to get better in his acting and singing.

Izzy Stannard’s long hair

Izzy Stannard was born with naturally thick hair which seemed to frame his head in the early years of his childhood.

Izzy Stannard’s relationship, boyfriend or girlfriend

Izzy Stannard is not known to be dating anyone at this time. From what we know, the teen actor seems to be more focused on his career right now.

Izzy Stannard’s net worth

Izzy Stannard is said to earn around $100 per hour and over $5000 dollars weekly. His actual net worth is not known but is rumoured to be a little over $80,000.

Izzy Stannard on social media

Izzy Stannard is active on Instagram as @isaiahstannard.

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