More details of Brooke Daniells’ lesbian relationship with Catherine Bell

Brooke Daniells is a Los Angeles-based photographer and event manager.

She has been dating 51-year-old American actress Catherine Bell since 2012. Bell is best known for her role as Denise Sherwood in the ABC series, Army Wives.

Brooke Daniells’ relationship with Bell garnered a lot of media attention when it came into the limelight eight years ago. Before dating Brooke Daniells, Bell was married to film writer and producer, Adam Beason. The two were married for 17 years and had two children together.

Shortly after the couple publicly announced their separation in 2011, it came to the news that Bell has started dating 33-year-old photographer Brooke Daniells.

Neither of the women publicly confirmed the dating rumours then but it is confirmed they now live together in Bell’s Los Angeles ranch mansion.

There are reports that Brooke Daniells was once married to a likely soldier before she began dating Catherine Bell. Daniells has managed to keep details of her previous relationships secret.

What we currently know about Brooke Daniell’s relationship with Catherine Bell

1. The two has been together since 2012 (8 years).

2. They currently live together. Catherine Bell owns a 3,380-square-foot mansion in Los Angeles.

3. Both women have been married before – to men. They are also both moms of two children.

4. Brooke Daniells’ mom is not happy with her daughter’s relationship with Catherine Bell.

Brooke Daniells’ actress mom Penny Atwell once responded angrily to an interview question about her daughter’s relationship with Catherine Bell.

5. Brooke Daniells is also an actress and former beauty queen.

She was crowned Miss Texas USA in 2009 when she was 23 years old. Daniells has featured in a number of low to mid-budget movies, including the 2009 Indie drama Change of Life, among others. Brooke Daniells also writes and produces her own films.

Net Worth

According to sources, Brooke Daniells is currently worth a little over $1 million while her partner Catherine is worth around $15 million.

On her Instagram page, Brooke Daniells describes herself as an “award-winning and nationally published photographer.”

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76 Comments on “More details of Brooke Daniells’ lesbian relationship with Catherine Bell”

      1. How is it a waste if she is with a woman.? She is a fine looking lesbian. And a fine person. Not at all a “waste”!

            1. Well she doesn’t ‘need’ to be a lesbian, she is one. You didn’t ‘need’ to have a brain, and it appears you actually don’t ^_^

            2. Oh, so it’s a choice to be gay/bi?
              I am straight and my wife is straight, but our son is gay. None of us made any choices in this. It’s just the way we are, as are you… Whatever you are.

              1. If she was straight, she would have STAYED straight. She CHOSE to go to lesbianism. You CAN choose. Boy George even stated it’s a choice.

            3. Clearly men aren’t doing it for her. A lot of men aren’t doing it for women these days, that’s why so many of them are on Apps saying they are bicurious or bisexuals… wanting to experiment. Perhaps men need to soul search (with all the sexual harassment scandals, exploitation of children, etc) why this is happening to your gender that straight women are jumping ship. Maybe check yourself, and hold your behaviors more accountable, and just ask yourself, if you were a girl would you really date you? Lez be honest.

              1. Wow! Can you be any more of a man hating, bigoted, knuckle dragging female Neanderthal? Get off your high horse! Seems to me that there are enough female school teachers out there having sex with their male students to label your thesis ridiculous. My bet is that you have been snubbed by men so many times because of your shitty attitude that you lash out at them every time you can. Get a clue woman!

            1. The only thing I have against Catherine is she in the Scientology cult. I had hoped she was too smart to be taken in by them, but I guess not.

        1. I thought what you said was very nice about Catherine Bell.
          What is a waste,just because she’s not with a guy!
          Ronald is a Winner!

        2. But we thought your kind were born that way. Another Gay lie and it is sick and a waste I feel bad for their children and parents.

        3. How about if she left her husband for her biological sister? LGBT say “love is love”, right? brother sister and sister sister love, those groups say they are born this way, love is love, and it should be celebrated by ALL “open minded” people? Surely YOU would celebrate incest love, incest marriage, right? Or are you a hypocrite and a BIGOT?

        1. Many men would like to have her??????? I guess she wouldn’t like to have them. Her life, her choice. None of your- or the many men would like to have her- business.

          1. just get off your freaking high horse! Men have a right to say what they want about the woman that they would like to be with! None of your business1

            1. Of course you have the right. And we have the right to disagree and challenge you. You don’t have the right to say offensive things without consequences – like being challenged. But if you want to feel like a victim because you cant just say sexist things without being challenged about them, you go right ahead and whine and feel sorry for yourself.

      2. Hahaha I feel like about all the gorgeous looking gay men…..but I sometimes get how women can turn if they have sadly been in abusive relationships with men….I married two cruel men, one physically abusive, the other mentally abusive, but would never have a romantic relationship with a woman as it’s just not my thing…I have lived alone now for 21 years…and I was a very attractive woman in my day and told I still am… beauty has nothing to do with any if it…..

        1. How clueless are straight people? Bi/gay women don’t “turn” to other women bc of abusive men. They get into women bc they discover that they can fulfill them in ways that men’t don’t, sexually & otherwise.

          1. Umm, how about they turn to women because that’s who they love. Both men and women can be fulfilling partners and lesbians aren’t any better at fulfilling women than men are.

            Such a silly perspective.


          1. homophobic is not a real concept it is something you type of people like to throw out there. Just because you know it is wrong but you cannot take the truth.

            1. I am a straight guy and I think you’re a fucking idiot! Open your fucking mind asshole. I’m sure they’re both great parents, it doesn’t mean a fucking thing that they’re gay. And by the way, child molesters are straight men for the most part.
              My gay son will make a great father if he can one day. Probably better than a closed minded bigot like you.
              Don’t procreate, don’t wear a mask, and always vote Republican. Your kind always do.

              1. Gay people should be treated with the same respect and kindness as everyone else. It must be real difficult to be living a lifestyle that is not of the norm. Ideally a child would grow up with a responsible and loving mother and father.
                A mother and father both bring different perspectives and experiences of life to a child that two men or women can’t.

            2. From Merriam Webster dictionary:
              Homophobia: irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. You getting all upset about gay people’s lives when it has nothing to do with you? Yeah, homophobia.

      4. As a straight man, I’ve no problems with non-straight humans (as my son is one). Ms Bell loves her partner, so what is the “waste”?

      5. Where is the proof they are a lesbian couple? Just because they live together with the kids doesnt mean theyre lesbians..friends date all the time..its called hanging out. Best friends. Dont listen to the media.

    1. This was debunked ages ago. Daniel’s is still married and still lives with her husband who somehow has remained anonymous. She has posted about how she loves her husband recently lol.

    2. i am very happy for the both of them, sometimes, you just love who you love and noone should have a say about it!! “LOVE IS LOVE”!!

  1. I am happy for Catherine that she found love with a woman who cares it is none of anyone’s business and difenatly not ashamed to be herself. Times have changed and all for the better. Catherine is beautiful and love all the movies and shows she has been in.

  2. After watching the JAG series 3/4 times I decided how much I would love her as a partner but I also respect her decision to be as she wants I guess things happen that way!

    1. No kidding! She is not best known for Army Wives, she’s best known as Lt. Col. Sarah Mackenzie on JAG! She was stellar in that role!

      1. To everyone who has written their comments, you all forgot one thing. That God made one man and one women in the Garden of Eden, as partners. Not two women, or two men. That’s how we are to live. If you can’t find another man or women, if your spouse have passed away, then it’s better to live alone. This rule also stands if you leave your mate. Gays and Lesbians are not born that way, they just chose to live their lives that way. Maybe because a women was turned down by him, or she might not have been appealing to the man she wanted. Maybe he was all ready married, and was faithful to his wife. Men some times think they are god’s gift to women, which is a turn off to the women. You see more and more of this these days, because Satan is ruling this world!

  3. They are both very attractive women !! I am fine with their sexual orientation, ( not that I have to be fine with whatever they may choose .) I’m just saying they have the right to be whatever they choose to be … Now, on a more self-serving note, the fact that I have also the right to choose, I’d love nothing more than to have a relationship with both of them …. Together .
    Yea, I’m a bit selfish, but I can choose to be that too !

  4. I am a heterosexual female sharing my thoughts: Catherine and Brooke may have gotten married and have children because of the times (when they did) and the social pressure from their loved ones.

    To the world, being married and have children is the norm and having children out of wedlock is a sin and shameful. For most, when their loved ones have a baby, it is so beautiful, cute and we all go gooey. Where is the sin and shame there?

    For the people out there who like to quote the Bible. What do you really know about the Original Bible before man decided to write their own meaning of what the Bible is today? I read the Bible (the version of our time). I do not believe some of its contents. Therefore, we should leave the Bible out of certain conversations, like this one.

    It could be that Catherine and Brooke, had lesbian feelings at a very young age; however, they could and did not express them, because of the “stigma” around Lesbianism.
    If they are just experimenting, it is also a choice they both made as consented adults. After all, it is now legal. Now for those who think they are hurting the children. I have not heard of any abuse between the two families. What about the heterosexual families that constantly abused children and their spouses. Some turn a blind eye to that. Some parent (s), would convince their children to stay in an abusive relationships. People, wake up and smell “Individuality, Self-Love, Strength, Power, Leader and most of all Respect for one self.”

    I could go on-and-on-and-on. But, I will stop here.
    We can challenge each others views on this platform respectfully. Let us do so.

    Have a wonderful day everyone.

  5. Such a waste….a woman needs a man and vice versa.
    This will definitely adversely affect all of the children.
    This is not “politically correct”, but so true.

  6. The way she lives is her choice. It’s nobody’s business but hers. As long as she is happy that’s what counts. I don’t know where people get off judging other people for the way they live. I think the only one that should judge is god. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. She is an entertainer. That’s what she does and if you have to judge something. Judge that! I do find that she is very beautiful and I do enjoy the work she has done. I say Catherine Bell keep doing good work. I will be the one that loves you for being you and the work you do.

  7. I am a straight female, older, and totally nonjudgmental about anyone’s sexuality. We all have a freedom of choice in this country according to our laws. According to God’s law we are not to judge other’s. He will do this. Even if you don’t believe, it’s a great rule to follow.

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