Full biography of American actress Alicia ‘Janina’ Gordillo and other facts about her

Who is Alicia Gordillo?

Alicia Gordillo is an American actress, singer, model and social media personality. She is mostly known for her performance in the comedy feature film “The Adventures of Noah Sife”. 

Alicia Gordillo is also known by her social media name – Official Janina. She owns a YouTube channel where she posts random stuff, from music to prank videos and makeup tutorials. 

Janina Gordillo began her journey to fame as a child. She moved to Los Angeles at the age of 10 to pursue a career in modelling. Her first job as a model was a commercial for Touchstone Energy which was filmed at the Warner Bros Studio.

Alicia ‘Janina’ Gordillo used to be a ‘Vine’ celebrity before the application was taken down in 2017. She has also appeared multiple times in the popular web series, “Caught”, created by DeStorm Power.

Full data profile of Alicia Gordillo

Full NameAlicia Gordillo
Age23 Years Old
BirthdayOctober 24, 1997
EthnicityAfrican, Mexican, Guatemalan, American
SiblingsAlana Gordillo
Marital StatusSingle
BoyfriendDeStorm Power
Height5″6 feet
Career Model, Actress, YouTuber

Alicia Gordillo’s childhood and education

Alicia ‘Janina’ Gordillo was born on the 24th of October, 1997 in Fort Polk, Louisiana. Although American by birth, Alicia is of mixed ethnicity. Her mother is African-American, while her dad is of Mexican-American-Guatemalan descent.

Alicia Gordillo was raised by her mother who works in the US army. She noted that there isn’t much to her childhood as she grew up in a sheltered environment.

The social media girl had to travel across various military bases with her mother and this affected her attitude as she ended up being shy and extremely introverted. 

Janina was also homeschooled till eighth grade, when she was registered at a regular school. Alicia Gordillo mentioned that she had found it difficult to blend in and relate with other students. She was also exposed to the world of drugs, alcohol, and sex while in school, and these contributed to her inability to blend in properly.

Alicia Gordillo (Janina)’s sister

Alicia ‘Janina’ Gordillo has a younger sister named Alana Gordillo. Alana is also a popular American actress. 

Alicia Gordillo’s acting career

Alicia Gordillo has had interest in acting since she was 10 years old. She noted that she joined “Abrams Artist Agency” in Los Angeles in an effort to push her acting talent.

She was trained for a couple of years before she joined “Gregg Edwards Management” where she had her first acting audition. She passed the audition and landed her first gig in a commercial for Touchstone Energy.

Janina rose to fame in 2008 when she starred in the short comedy ‘The Adventures of Noah Sife’. That same year, she landed another role – ‘Taja’ – in the short film titled “Men of Business”.

In 2009, Alicia ‘Janina’ Gordillo starred in a short movie titled “Water Pills”. Following that, she got featured in the Disney musical-comedy series, “Phineas and Ferb”.

In addition, Janina Gordillo appeared in the popular web series “Caught” created by DeStorm Power. 

Alicia Gordillo also appeared as a vixen in the top-rated music video, “Shot of a Gun”.

Alicia Gordillo’s YouTube channel

Alicia ‘Janina’ Gordillo has amassed a huge number of fans on her YouTube channel. She currently has over 200K subscribers on the channel where she regularly posts content ranging from pranks to music videos, makeup tutorials, comedy, and many more.

Alicia Gordillo’s music career

Alicia ‘Janina’ Gordillo has also ventured successfully into the world of music. She joined the Agape International Children’s Choir where she performed several songs, including “Change My World”.

Janina Gordillo also performed at the CD launch of “Love Sees No Color”. She was featured as a Wild Card in the teen pop group, “The DAHLz.”

Janina also performed alongside American rapper (will.i.am) at the Neighbourhood Presidential Inaugural Ball.

Alicia Gordillo’s boyfriend and relationship

As of 2020, Alicia ‘Janina’ Gordillo is alleged to be dating actor and comedian, DeStorm Power

Janina Gordillo’s boyfriend, DeStorm Power is an actor, comedian, and musician. He was born on the 30th of January, 1982, and he is currently 39 years old.

Alicia Gordillo has reportedly been with her boyfriend, DeStorm, for over three years now.

Alicia Gordillo’s net worth

Based on current information about Alicia (Janina) Gordillo’s earnings and income, her net worth is estimated at $1 million.

Alicia Gordillo on social media

Alicia Gordillo is active on social media. Her Instagram account is @official_janina. Her YouTube channel is Official Janina.

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