A simple natural way to get pink lips in Nigeria without lip balms

Dark and crackly lips can take away your beauty.

Most people often focus on pink lip balms or even pink lips surgery to get pink lips. While some lip balms obviously work, others don’t. Also, medical procedures for pink lips can be quite expensive and could lead to other undesirable results like swelling and pain, if not done right.

This article reveals a simple and affordable home procedure for achieving pink lips in very little time. The good thing about this method is that it produces natural lip pinkness and not the raw type you get from caustic lip balms.

What you need:

  • Lemon
  • Extract Whitening Soap (We recomment this soap because it contains the papaya and calamansi extract needed for the procedure).


  1. Cut the lemon in half. Use one half and rub over lips repeatedly to cleanse.
  2. Wet the Extract Soap a little and rub over your freshly cleansed lips for like one minute, till a firm coat appears.
  3. Leave for several minutes or up to 1 hour or more if you are not in a rush.
  4. Wash off the soap matter
  5. Repeat daily for up to two weeks until desired result is achieved.
Original Extract Soap


  • Be sure that the Extract Soap you are using is the Original One (made in the Philippines with no Arabic symbols written in the front)
  • Discontinue procedure immediately if you notice any undesired result or swelling.
  • Apply the soap only on the lips and not your entire face, unless it is already your regular wash soap.
  • This procedure should not replace your licensed doctor’s advice.
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