How IT is Fueling the Budding Cannabis Industry

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Even though cannabis is still illegal at the federal level, legalization at the state level has significantly impacted it. One of the most considerable ones is the integration of IT into the day-to-day running of the weed industry. Technology has shifted weed production and sales, making the products readily available.     

History of the Weed Industry

For years weed has been considered a harmful drug, as evidenced by its status as a Schedule I drug. Cannabis prohibition laws have been effective since the 1930s. All through 1999, these laws and regulations have restricted the use of marijuana to the point of making it illegal. 

When California legalized the drug for medical purposes, it kickstarted a wave of ongoing legalization. At the onset of the legalization, there were a set of strict regulations that controlled the use of cannabis. In some states, buyers needed to hold a medical marijuana card or a doctor’s prescription. It was not easy to access the legal stuff, which may have turned people towards street cannabis. 

Another essential aspect in the history of weed was its legal status. On the one hand, the legalization was helping but compared to the growing technology; their rate wasn’t fast enough. Technology companies, as well as other investors distanced themselves from the industry for what it would mean to be associated with an illegal drug. Their fears were solid because even federal institutions deny loans to weed businesses. 

Has IT influenced weed? Considering how technology and other systems have played a role in the rise of the marijuana industry would help to look at the whole picture. It is common to find California weed delivery services from online stores. Also, it is no wonder to find a range of products infused with marijuana. Are all these and more the result of improved IT and technology?  

Over the years, legalization has increased, and now there are over 19 states where recreational pot is legal. For medical marijuana, the number is currently at 39. In addition, mainstream business institutions have been associating themselves with weed. The production of branded products, endorsements by artists, and many more factors have facilitated the development of the cannabis industry. 

The Current Conditions of The Marijuana Industry

What is the state of the weed industry as a result of legalization and improved technologies? Grand View Research presented documents stating that the legal cannabis business industry was valued at $9.1 billion in 2021. Also, this figure was estimated to increase from 2028 with a compound interest of 26.7%. 

Such high records in marijuana sales result from eased regulations and people’s awareness of its medicinal properties. Reports show that weed users are growing by huge numbers. This has led to a growth in demand and hence the industry’s continued growth. Unlike years ago, it is a well-established business with appropriate regulation and estimated high-profit returns.   

Ways that IT is Affecting the Pot Sector

There are different parts to look at regarding how IT has influenced the weed sector. There are numerous steps involved for cannabis in whichever form to be ready for consumption. These are some of the processes that have benefited from technological advancements;


Most growth plants have for years relied on traditional systems whose production rates have been known to be wavy. Relying on natural elements can often prove unreliable. Modern IT inventions allow growers to carry out advanced processes to control their systems. Some programs gauge the plants’ need for water and other nutrients. The work by alerting the grower if the plant lacks anything.


the cannabis plant has been proven to contain a lot of helpful compounds. For instance, the cannabinoids it contains have been used in medicinal research. To obtain CBD or CBG from the myriad of a hundred other cannabinoids, there is the traditional method and the more modern ones. the traditional method is often crude, and you never know how pure the extracted compound is. Modern methods such as cannabinoid biosynthesis allow for the extraction of pure individual cannabinoids, be they THC or CBD. 

Distribution and Delivery

The primary goal of any production company is for cannabis to reach its users. Nowadays, ordering weed is as simple as logging on to an online site and buying your joints. All these are possible because of IT. The available systems allow producers to design distribution routes, delivery systems among other things. Also, there has been a crop-up of apps facilitating ordering and curating your favorite strains and products. 


 IT has been around for some decades now, and it is significantly transforming the world. Some of these transformations have been observed in the weed industry. The entire process from production to delivery is now more advanced. The benefits result from the integration of technological systems that affect all areas. The marijuana industry’s growing success is, to some extent, due to technology and IT systems.    

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