Player 222 and The Game of Marbles in Squid Game Challenge

Who is Player 222 in Squid Game Challenge?

Player 222 in Netflix’s Squid Game Challenge is 29-year-old Australian model and swim instructor Jordan Levoux.

Levoux is easily recognizable in the show because of his tall frame, long blonde hair and moustache as well as his motivation and spirit during the games.

However, besides his appearance and stamina, Player 222 also gained more recognition on the show during the game of Marbles when he did not get a partner to play with and therefore (to his absolute luck) did not get to play.

Player 222 – Jordan Levoux.
Player 222 was lucky because he didn’t have a partner and therefore got to the next round without playing the game of marbles.

Challenge organizers tricked the contestants into making them choose their closest allies or best friends to enjoy a picnic without realizing bags of marbles had been safely hidden in the food baskets as well.

The game of marbles is Squid Game’s most notorious challenge both in the original series and the new reality challenge because of one factor – players were made to play with their closest allies or someone they’ve made an emotional connection with, making the eliminations more painful.

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