Honey Balenciaga’s full biography and details

Who is Honey Balenciaga?

Honey Balenciaga is a transgender Latina ballroom dancer, TV star and model. Balenciaga gained more recognition following her debut performance at the opening night of Beyoncé’s May 2023 Renaissance Tour in Sweden.

Honey Balenciaga’s real name is Honey Gonzales. She adopted the last name “Balenciaga” after becoming a member of the “House of Balenciaga”- a ballroom family. Honey Balenciaga was born on August 15, 2000, in Brooklyn, New York. She is 23 years old as of 2023.

She revealed during an interview that she is of Puerto Rican and Honduran roots.

About Honey Balenciaga’s parents

Information about Honey Balenciaga’s biological parents is scarce at the moment as she does not discuss them often. However, she was a member of the ballroom House of LaBeija – a prominent ballroom family founded in the late ’60s before joining the House of Balenciaga with Shannon Balenciaga as the mother and Harold Balenciaga as the father of the family.

Honey Balenciaga has stated that the ballroom family is more like an extended family that provides a sense of belonging and a support system for her.

About Honey Balenciaga’s siblings

As of the time of publishing this article, it is not known if Honey Balenciaga has any siblings or not as she rarely discusses her direct family in the public space.

How tall is Honey Balenciaga?

Honey Balenciaga’s height is currently measured to be 5″10 inches or 179cm according to unofficial sources.

About Honey Balenciaga’s gender and identity

Honey Balenciaga was born biologically male but later transitioned to female. She now identifies as a trans woman and uses the she/her pronouns. She is a prominent member of the LGBTQ community.

Wiki Profile of Honey Balenciaga

Full name Honey Gonzales “Balenciaga”
Date of birth August 15, 2000
Age23 years
Place of birth Brooklyn
Parents N/A
Marital status Single
Gender Female (trans)
Height 5″10 inches
Career Ballroom dancer, Model
Net worth $500 thousand (est.)

How Honey Balenciaga started her career

Honey Balenciaga made her debut in the ballroom scene in 2017 as a teenager. She gained recognition after contesting as a member of the House of Balenciaga in the HBO Max TV series “Legendary” in 2020. Her house finished second runner-up.

Balenciaga gained more popularity in May 2023 after performing alongside Jonte Moaning and Amari Marshall at the opening night of Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour in Sweden. Honey revealed during an interview in 2022 that she would be launching her capsule collection “Honey Essentials” which is inspired by the garments she wears to the ballroom.

Honey Balenciaga has also made it known that she would be venturing into the music industry. She has gained attention over the last 6 years for her exciting freestyle moves and energy in the ballroom scene.

About Honey Balenciaga’s marriage and wedding

According to information gathered by DNB Stories, Honey Balenciaga is neither married nor publicly engaged to anyone as of the time of publishing this article. She is reportedly single, has never been married, and currently does not have a husband or boyfriend.

List of Honey Balenciaga’s past relationships or boyfriends

Despite Honey Balenciaga’s blooming career, she has remained private about her personal life and does not share information about her romantic engagements. The ballroom star seems to be more focused on her career at this time and has not paid much attention to romantic endeavours.

Honey Balenciaga’s children

As of December 2023, Honey Balenciaga does not have any children yet.

Honey Balenciaga’s net worth

Honey Balenciaga has an estimated net worth of about $500, 000 as of 2023. She gets most of her income from her career as a ballroom dancer and model.

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