Details of Tyler, the Creator’s marriage, wife, girlfriends, kids

Tyler, the Creator, and his rumored girlfriend Reign Judge

Who is Tyler, the Creator?

Tyler, the Creator, is an African-American rapper, music director, and record producer. He is popularly known as the co-founder of a controversial music collective, “Odd Future.” Tyler has gained popularity for his violent and transgressive lyrical content. He is a recipient of 2 Grammy Awards, 1 BRIT Award, 1 MTV Video Music Award, and 3 BET Hip-Hop Awards.

Tyler, the Creator’s real name is Tyler Gregory Okonma. He was born on March 6, 1991, in California. Okonma is 32 years old as of January 2024. Tyler’s father is Nigerian, while his mother is of American descent. The rapper has reportedly never met his father as his mother raised him all by herself. The Nigerian-origin rapper attended 12 different schools in the Los Angeles and Sacramento areas before he found his career path.

About Tyler, the Creator’s parents

Tyler, the Creator’s father’s name is reportedly Walter Whitman, and he hails from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria. The rapper’s mother, Bonita Smith, has both African-American and Canadian roots. However, further details of Tyler, the Creator’s parents, are currently unavailable in the media.

Tyler, the Creator, and his mother Bonita Smith pictured with his Grammy Award on January 26, 2020, in LA.

About Tyler, the Creator’s siblings

According to reports gathered by DNB Stories Africa, Tyler, the Creator, has a younger maternal half-sister named Lynda. He mentioned her in his 2009 mixtape titled “Bastard”. However, further details about Lynda are currently not available in the media.

Reports from unofficial sources also claim that Tyler has other half-siblings named Andrew Jackson, Edward, George Washington, Jesse, and Thomas Jefferson.

About Tyler, the Creator’s marriage and wife

As of the time of publishing this article (January 2024), Tyler, the Creator, is unmarried and has no wife. While the “Yonkers” rapper is not married yet, he is reportedly dating IMG model Reign Judge. Tyler keeps the details of his personal life private such that his sexuality has remained a subject of debate in the media.

However, the rapper who claims he is open-minded has been romantically linked to both male and female celebrities.

About Tyler, the Creator’s sexual orientation

Tyler, the Creator’s sexual orientation has been a subject of debate in the media, as he often claims to be gay in some of his songs. In 2015, he described himself as “gay as fuck” during an interview with Rolling Stone. He reportedly also revealed during an interview with Noisey in 2017 that he had a boyfriend at age 15.

Okonma’s lyrics in the songs “Foreword”, “Garden Shed”, and “I Ain’t Got Time” from his 2017 album titled “Flower Boy” also ignited rumors that he was coming out as gay. Furthermore, Tyler supported a member of Odd Future, Frank Ocean after he (Frank) publicly revealed that he had a relationship with a man in the past.

Speaking about people’s speculation about his sexual orientation, Tyler clarified that even though people think he is loud and out there, he is private.

In his words:

“It’s still such a gray area with people, which is cool with me. Even though I’m considered loud and out there, I’m private, which is a weird dichotomy. The juxtaposition of loud and quiet is weird”.

He also addressed the rumors of him being gay with an X post in 2015.

He tweeted:

I tried to come out the damn closet like four days ago, and no one cared hahaha, hahaha

However, it remains unclear whether the rapper’s lyrics are fictitious and he is joking about being gay or he is actually bisexual.

List of Tyler, the Creator’s past relationships and girlfriends

Despite not being open about his sexual orientation, Tyler, the Creator, has been romantically linked to different celebrities. Reports have linked the rapper to the likes of Jaden Smith, Kendall Jenner, and most recently, Reign Judge.

Below is a full list of Tyler, the Creator’s past relationships and girlfriends:

a. Tyler, the Creator and Iggy Azalea (2014)

Tyler was reportedly in a short-term relationship with Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, in 2014. Unfortunately, the relationship ended the same year after Tyler dissed Iggy in an interview, claiming she stinks.

b. Tyler, the Creator and Kendall Jenner (2016)

Tyler was romantically linked to American reality TV star and model, Kendall Jenner, in 2016, after they were spotted eating together in a restaurant. However, both parties debunked the rumors with Tyler claiming that Kendall is his BFF in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

Tyler, the Creator, and Kendall Jenner

c. Tyler, the Creator and Jaden Smith (2018)

In 2018, there were rumors that Tyler, the Creator, and American rapper and actor Jaden Smith were in a relationship. These rumors started after Jaden publicly expressed his love for Tyler during his performance at the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival.

He said:

Tyler, the Creator is the best friend in the world and I love him so much. And I want to tell you guys something … Tyler doesn’t want to say, but Tyler is my boyfriend.

In 2020, Jaden also referred to Tyler as his boyfriend after he (Tyler) won a Grammy Award. However, the “See You Again” rapper did not affirm or debunk Jaden’s claim. Instead, he laughed and jokingly referred to Smith as “crazy.”

d. Tyler, the Creator and Reign Judge (2021 – present)

Tyler, the Creator and model Reign Judge, has reportedly been dating since 2021. Though neither of them has confirmed or debunked the rumors, they have attended public functions as a couple. The rumored couple were first spotted together at the LACMA Art + Film Gala in November 2021. Tyler and Reign also attended the Coachella event together in 2023. 

Tyler, the Creator’s rumored girfriend Reign is an IMG model. Judge was born in 2001 and she is 22 years old as of January 2024. She appeared in a campaign video for the rapper’s fragrance “French Waltz” in December 2021.

Tyler, the Creator, and his “girlfriend” Reign Judge at the LACMA Art + Film Gala on November 6, 2021.

Tyler, the Creator’s kids

As of January 2024, Tyler, the Creator, has no children, and he is yet to become a father. There were rumors in March 2023 that the rapper had a daughter after he seemingly rapped about having one in his song “Dogtooth.” However, Tyler has since refuted these rumors.

He wrote on his X page:

I don’t have kids and don’t plan on it hahaha.

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