Corinna Kopf Bio: Age, Career, Family, Boyfriend, Marriage, Net Worth

Who is Corinna Kopf?

Corinna Kopf is an American YouTuber, game streamer, content creator and social media personality. Kopf creates content around beauty, fashion, skincare and lifestyle. She is one of the members of “Vlog Squad” – a famous YouTube group created by well-known YouTuber, David Dobrik.

Corinna Kopf is also known as “Pouty Girl” on social media. She was born on December 1, 1995, in Palatine, Illinois, USA. She is 27 years old as of January 2023. The social media star is reported to be of German descent. Though detailed information about her parents and siblings is scarce, it is said that her family is settled in Missouri, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Corinna Kopf reportedly attended a private school in Malibu, California. She also worked as a nanny while in school, but would later drop out to pursue a full-time career in social media.

About Corinna Kopf’s parents

Corinna Kopf rarely discusses her family and as a result information about her parents has remained obscure in the media.

About Corinna Kopf’s siblings

As of the time of writing this article, little is known about Corinna Kopf’s siblings, if she has any. However, it is reported that she has a tattoo on her foot that is dedicated to her deceased brother.

The tattoo reads:

“You are stronger, I love you”.

Corinna Kopf

Wiki Profile of Corinna Kopf

Full nameCorinna Kopf
Place of birthIllinois, USA
Date of birthDecember 1, 1995
Age27 years old
CareerYouTuber, Content creator
Height5″5 inches
Marital statusSingle
Alma materN/A
Net Worth$10 million (est.)

How Corinna Kopf started her career

Corinna Kopf started her social media career on Instagram in August 2012, posting pictures and videos of herself. One of her viral posts is a picture of her attending the Spring Awakening Music Festival in 2014. She would later open a Twitter account. She joined YouTube in June 2016, after fans voted that they would love to see her on the platform during a poll she conducted on Twitter.

Contrary to popular opinion, Corinna’s first YouTube appearance was not on David Dobrik’s Vlogs. According to the social media star, her first YouTube appearance was in a prank channel called “Second Class” which is co-owned by Jack Dytrych. She joined Dobrik’s Vlog Squad in 2015, featuring in the video titled “I Want To Be Friends With The Gabbie Show”.

Corinna Kopf gained more popularity on YouTube as a member of the Vlog Squad. She created an OnlyFans page in June 2021 and later bragged about $3 million in 1 week from OnlyFans.

Following her popularity on YouTube, Corinna Kopf debuted in online gaming, becoming one of the most well-known female gamers on social media. She was reportedly banned from the game streaming service Twitch in 2019 over an old clip she posted. Following her Twitch ban, she joined Facebook Gaming.

She announced the move to Facebook Gaming on Twitter, writing:

I’m super happy to announce that I’m now streaming exclusively on @FacebookGaming.

Interestingly, she left Facebook Gaming and re-joined Twitch in 2022. A few months after re-joining Twitch, Kopf was again banned from the platform, this time for “inappropriate attire”, according to reports.

She tweeted:

“I got banned tonight on Twitch for wearing ‘undergarments’. I was wearing a Channel tank top. Girls body pant on Twitch, and I got banned for that lmfao”.

About Corinna Kopf’s marriage and wedding

As of the time of publishing this article, Corinna Kopf is not married and does not have a husband. However, she has been romantically linked with several fellow social media stars and co-creators. She has reportedly dated the likes of David Dobrik, Toddy Smith, Turner Tenney, Jack Dail, Nick Bean, Logan Paul, and Adin Ross.

List of Corinna Kopf’s boyfriends

  • Corinna Kopf was speculated to have dated David Dobrik, though the time of their relationship is not known.
  • Corinna Kopf was in a relationship with Toddy Smith between 2017 to 2018, according to reports.
  • Corinna Kopf reportedly dated Jack Dail in 2017.
  • Corinna Kopf was said to have dated Turner Tunney from March 2019 to February 2020.
  • Corinna Kopf allegedly dated Nick Bean. However, the time of their relationship remains unknown.
  • Corinna Kopf reportedly had an affair with Logan Paul in 2019.

About Corinna Kopf’s relationship with David Dobrik

David Dobrik is a popular YouTuber, social media personality and content creator. He is popularly known as the creator of the Vlog Squad. He was born on July 23, 1996, in Kosice, Slovakia. He is 26 years old as of January 2023. He started his career on Vine in 2013 upon his relocation to Los Angeles after high school. He launched his YouTube channel in 2015.

Corinna Kopf and David Dobrik were speculated to be lovers following information that they lived together plus their frequent collaboration in YouTube videos. Kopf met David Dobrik at a Jack & Jack concert. They started living together in Chicago before they relocated to Los Angeles. Though Corinna Kopf admitted that she and David Dobrik had once kissed, she affirmed they were never involved in a serious relationship.

Corinna Kopf and David Dobrik.

About Corinna Kopf’s relationship with Toddy Smith

Toddy Smith is a YouTuber, content creator, performer and writer. He is popularly known on Vine for making comedy videos. He also has millions of followers on TikTok where he posts short lip-sync videos. Smith was born on April 11, 1991, in Huntington Beach, California. He attended California State University. His father is said to be a businessman, while his mother is a full housewife. Toddy Smith has a sister named Sophia Smith.

Corinna Kopf and Toddy Smith started dating in 2017. They were both open about their relationship at the time and often shared photos of their sweet moments on social media. Unfortunately, things turned sour between them in 2018. According to information gathered by DNB Stories Africa, Kopf and Toddy Smith broke up in April 2018, deleting pictures of them together from each other’s social media.

Despite their breakup, Toddy Smith still appreciated Corinna Kopf during the Streamy Awards event and they still film content together sometimes. Toddy Smith has been romantically linked to David Dobrik’s assistant, Natalie Mariduena, after his breakup with Corinna.

Corinna Kopf and Toddy Smith.

About Corinna Kopf’s relationship with Turner Tenney ‘Tfue’

Turner “Tfue” Tenney is a popular game streamer and YouTuber. He is best known for playing “Fortnite”, an online video game developed by Epic Games. Tenney is also a member of the popular streaming group “FaZe Clan”. His full name is Turner Ellis Tenney, but he is also known as “Tfue” on social media. He was born on January 2, 1998, in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida. He is 24 years old as of the time of publishing this article. Tenney has an elder brother named Jack Tenney who reportedly motivated him into online game streaming.

Corinna Kopf and Turner Tenney were first spotted at a party in December 2018. Their relationship was not officially confirmed until March 2019 when they both shared pictures of themselves. They did a couple Q&A session in May 2019 where Tenney revealed how they met.

According to him, Corinna Kopf sent him a message on Twitter and he subsequently invited her to a post-tournament Fortnite Party.

Tenney made a funny post about his relationship with Kopf on Instagram, writing:

“I might have small nipples and a small peen, but I still managed to pull this off”.

They reportedly separated in July 2019, got back together, before they finally separated again in February 2020. According to both parties, their relationship suffered because of long distance. Corinna Kopf is based in Los Angeles, while her ex lives in Florida.

Kopf shared that Turner Tenney does not like Los Angeles as he only visited her thrice throughout their relationship while she visited him every weekend.

Corinna Kopf and Turner “Tfue” Tenney.

About Corinna Kopf’s relationship with Logan Paul

Logan Paul is an American media personality, actor and professional wrestler. His full name is Logan Alexander Paul. He was born on April 1, 1995, in Westlake, Ohio, US. He was born to Gregory Allan Paul (father) and Pamela Ann Stepwick (mother). He is 27 years old as of January 2023. He attended Westlake High School. He launched his YouTube channel in October 2013 where he posts different kinds of content including stunts, comedy sketches, and public pranks.

Corinna Kopf and Logan Paul were rumoured to be dating after they were spotted wearing matching sweaters at a Lakers game in January 2019.

Corinna Kopf’s affair with Logan Paul generated extra attention because she had called Logan Paul out earlier in 2018 after his Japanese Suicide Forest Video went viral. She claimed that the video made her sick as her brother just committed suicide.

In 2021, Corinna Kopf appeared on the “Impaulsive with Logan Paul” podcast with Paul and his crew where they shared inside details of their affair. Kopf implied that the affair was more or less a hookup. She also revealed that it took them over a year to have sex because Paul wouldn’t submit to an STD test.

Kopf said:

It took us a year to have sex because he (Logan) refused to get an STD test.

Corinna Kopf and Logan Paul.

Corinna Kopf’s children

As of the time of publishing this article, Corinna Kopf is not yet a mother and does not have any children.

Corinna Kopf’s net worth

As of 2023, Corinna Kopf has an estimated net worth of about $10 million.

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