All about Sam Smith’s marriage, husband, boyfriends and kids

Who is Sam Smith?

Sam Smith is an English singer and songwriter. They are popularly known for their hit songs like “Stay With Me” and “Dancing With A Stranger” which featured Normani. Sam Smith identifies as non-binary and uses the pronouns they/them.

Sam Smith’s full name is Samuel Frederick Smith. They were born on May 19, 1992, in London to Frederick Smith (father) and Kate Cassidy (mother). As of August 2022, Sam Smith is 30 years old.

About Sam Smith’s parents

Sam Smith’s mother, Kate Cassidy is a stockbroker. Their father, Frederick Smith used to own a fruit and vegetable stall. Personal details of Sam Smith’s parents and family have remained scarce in the media.

About Sam Smith’s siblings

Sam Smith has two sisters, Lily Smith and Mabel Smith. The trio got matching tattoos to celebrate Christmas in 2014.

About Sam Smith’s marriage and wedding

As of August 2022, Sam Smith is not married and has no husband. They have never been engaged either. However, Sam Smith has been in some high-profile relationships including their relationship with actor, Brandon Flynn.

List of men Sam Smith has dated

  1. Brandon Flynn and Sam Smith dated in 2017.
  2. Jonathan Zeizel and Sam Smith dated in 2014.
  3. Charlie King was rumoured to have dated Sam Smith in 2015.
  4. Furniture designer Francois Rocci is rumoured to be Sam Smith’s new boyfriend in 2020.

About Sam Smith’s relationship with Jonathan Zeizel

In 2014, shortly after coming out as gay, Sam Smith started dating American model, Jonathan Zeizel. The two went public with their relationship by posting cute pictures of themselves on Instagram. Sadly, in a live concert in Toronto, Sam Smith revealed that their relationship with Jonathan Zeizel had come to an end. In an interview, Smith added that they weren’t very well suited with Zeizel and that they regretted making the relationship public.

They said:

“I made a mistake by posting pictures of us on Instagram and making it seem more serious than it was.”

Sam Smith and ex-boyfriend Jonathan Zeizel

About Sam Smith’s relationship with Brandon Flynn

Brandon Flynn is an American actor popularly known for his work in the Netflix series, “13 Reasons Why.” Flynn and Sam Smith started dating in 2017, according to reports. The two were caught kissing and holding hands in New York City in October 2017. That same month, Smith officially confirmed their relationship during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. Sadly, they broke up a year later in 2018.

About their relationship with Brandon Flynn, Sam Smith said:

“Brandon was wonderful. I’m still trying to figure out what I took from that relationship and what it meant to me. It’s still quite raw.”

Sam Smith and ex-boyfriend Brandon Flynn

About Sam Smith’s new boyfriend – Francois Rocci

Furniture designer Francois Rocci is reported to be Sam Smith’s new boyfriend. The reports emerged after Smith was caught kissing Francois Rocci during a date in August 2020. Nothing major has been heard about the affair since then and, interestingly, Sam Smith has not openly confirmed it.

Sam Smith and their new boyfriend Francois Rocci kissing.

About Sam Smith’s children

As of August 2022, Sam Smith has no children and has not expressed any interest in having them.

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3 Comments on “All about Sam Smith’s marriage, husband, boyfriends and kids”

  1. I’m definitely a big fan of Sam Smith, when they came out to the public about being gay I finally started opening up about me being bi – sexual and Trans – gender they truly inspired me to be myself in public even if I don’t always get the best reaction I really don’t care what others think about me anymore.

    Thank You So Much Sam!

    Love, Oliver Overmyer! (I’M A PROUD TRANS – GENDER, BI – SEXUAL!)

  2. Great article! I’ve always been a fan of Sam Smith, and it’s wonderful to see them finding love and happiness in their personal life. Marriage is such a beautiful commitment, and I’m glad they have found a supportive partner. It’s inspiring to see celebrities like Sam Smith being open about their relationships, as it helps break down barriers and promotes acceptance. Wishing them all the best in their journey together! 💖🌈

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