Grace Abounds – The END

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9 Comments on “Grace Abounds – The END”

  1. Finally. Am happy for the two families. God fought their battle more than they can expect. And they live happily ever after.
    nice one DNB. Wat shld we expect next?

  2. Thanks, Sekinat. Our new Chapter story (Taming Uchechi) kicks off next week. Meanwhile, Love and Other Things that Follow is still ongoing.

  3. Love and oda things is almost getting to a month nw? It shld have ended.
    wanna ask wen this blog started officially?

  4. You know the story started mid-month.

    DNB was actually created on January the 25th, 2014. But it lay dormant till October (9 months) when we re-activated it and hired editors and webmasters.

  5. Okay. I observe dat this story GRACE ABOUND didn't end with the same intensity at which it started. Starting frm two episodes back. Where u told us of the great revelation as per y Cecelia did wat she did. Hop it wasn't rushed?
    am observation Ni ooo, gud job all d way

  6. No, it wasn't rushed. Though episodes are sometimes slightly modified, we always follow the outline laid down before the start of each story.

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