DNB June 2015 Personality: Madam Sekinat Adewole

Let’s face it, DNB Stories has the most adorable audience in the Blog World.

It is real honour to be a member of the DNB Community.

This month, as is our tradition, we have chosen to celebrate another bundle of elegance in our midst.

Another DNB Madam!!! [We do hope, though, that our next will be a Sir!]

Meet Madam Sekinat Adewole, DNB Personality June 2015:
A woman of extraordinary beauty and unparalleled grace!!!

Date/Place of Birth:

August 1, 1988.

Marital Status:




When did you start reading DNB Stories?

Started reading about a month after the blog was started. Seriously cannot remember exactly when. To me, it’s been like years!
What do you
particularly enjoy about DNB Stories?

The stories all look so real. I can picture myself in every story. The stories are just the break I need. Perfect for relieving stress.

Do you read DNB Adult stories?


Which is your favourite DNB Story till date?

Mma’s story [The Village Girl] is my favorite. Besides the hilarity, I absolutely enjoyed the message. It teaches that no matter who and what you are, you can always make it in life.

Any shoutout?

My shoutout goes to other DNB readers, the outstanding DNB family. DNB is a unique blog, none like it before. Truly and proudly African. Undiluted stories that get to your soul!


My contact email is adetitigold@gmail.com

Sekinat With Bestie.


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42 Comments on “DNB June 2015 Personality: Madam Sekinat Adewole”

  1. Congrats, Sekinat!

    Come out with your udu, ekwe, ogene, ichaka, bata, gangan drum, oja….let the celebration begin!!

  2. Tanks DNB, i highly appreciate it. So short of words.
    Bt Dan dis madam Wey u put makes me look old.

  3. Congrats Madam Sekinat. Dnb men did you hear. ..she is single. Loooking forward to first dnb wedding o

  4. Congrats dear! I also am not down with the Madam title biko, Madam comes across as Bossy and old kind of for this our chick her. And Babe not searching ok o. Nice one.

  5. Hahhaha. @Sekinat and Lisa, the 'Sir/Madam' title is just to confer an air of prominence on the celebrated personality.

    It is not a lasting thing; it flows away once another personality is chosen.

    However, subsequent personalities may choose to tell us if they want to be so addressed or not.

  6. oshey sekinat u re d queen of dnb every tym I read a story on dnb I Must c u comment..love ur opinion n views madam congrats well deserved Daniel I want to b d dnb personality of the year i

  7. Side eyeing at Seki bebe. U fine gan. Congrats darl.
    @Dan,wen my turn go reach nah? Lolz.

    Airtel network oti wound MI gan. They have wounded me today. Mtch Wat was life like before Internet? Mehn, I feel stagnant today.

  8. Congrats mami…u deserve it and more….kudos DNB…i know u love ur readers and they love u too..shoutout to u mehn!!

  9. Well deserved Sekinat! Since I started coming here, can't remember seeing a post you didn't comment on…. You're pretty too!!!

  10. Of course, every DNB reader has equal chance of becoming a personality. For each month, we look at how active you were in the previous month.

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