Roommates 2: Episode 8

The Bone-Cracker Queens


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19 Comments on “Roommates 2: Episode 8”

  1. Hmmmmm! Interesting. Can't wait to see Loverth and Jackson's drama unfold as Josh versus wife and other roommates

  2. So much of drama. jack and loveth josh and racheal and others. that jackson is a confirm cheat. nah him mama mate he still dey carry.

  3. Hey, I think you guys should increase the frequency to more than one a week. It's getting so long, like it'll never end and I have even forgotten some of the characters sef. Once a week is too far abi will we use years to finish this story?

  4. Hi, Mistique.
    Roommates is a recurring DNB Series so it might not end soon.
    Also, even if we post new episodes daily, characters can still be forgotten.
    It all depends on the level of 'familiarity' you have with them.
    I advise you read the previous episode whenever a fresh episode is posted.

  5. Uhm won't be able to eat that chicken,they need to be careful,before April turn into a vampire with the way she killed that chicken.thumbs ip

  6. Wow! Interesting but they should watch out for April, girl is seriously hurting. Jackson is a confirmed cheat but i fear for Loveth o, this game wey she wan play with this sugar mummy go backfire o

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