22 thoughts on “Roommates 2: Episode 10

  1. YAY that Georgina my girl. that josh is really a monster. guess he married racheal intially because of her wealth. i trust georgina to deal with him. loveth nah from one trouble to another. mr onuwa is just a desperate witch

  2. Wow….so Josh is Rachel's husband, Mrs Onwa's toyboy and April's rapist? I hope Georgina doesn't fall for him during this her maid sojourn oh!

    So who kidnapped Loveth? Mrs Onwa or who? Biko can't wait for the next episode

    Nma's Blog 

  3. My dear I tnk you missed an episode. Its probably Jackson's sugar Mommy that is bhind loveths kidnap.
    Mehn loving this new twist…Georgina n Josh, let d showdown begin

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