Can you survive on ₦30K monthly income in Nigeria?

₦30,000 is roughly $75 dollars in today’s current exchange rate.

The average monthly salary in Nigeria is within the range of ₦150K to ₦250K. ₦30K represents the lowest average monthly earning of a Nigerian worker – yet a shockingly large number of working Nigerians fall under this average.

What’s more shocking is the many other millions of unemployed Nigerians currently not earning a monthly income at all.

What can ₦30K buy in Nigeria today?

Earning ₦30K a month means a total of ₦360K in annual earnings. The cheapest apartments in Lagos comes at a rent of at least ₦5K monthly (₦60K yearly).

This would most likely be a single room apartment with shared toilet and bathroom – what Lagos residents call “Face Me – I Face You“.

If you spend ₦1500 on feeding daily (this is the lowest average daily feeding allowance we gathered in Lagos) that will come to:

N500 daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner

N1500 x 30days = N45000

This has gone over your income by N15K, meaning you have nothing left for rent, transport, data, clothing and others. So the answer is NO – you cannot survive on a N30K monthly income in Nigeria.

The only way one can survive on a ₦30K monthly income in Nigeria is if:

a. you still live with your parents (so rent and feeding are covered)

b. you are very unmarried and completely single (you have no business going on a date with anyone or incurring relationship expenses)

c. you are not a heavy eater and is completely healthy.

With a 30K naira monthly income, even medical bills is a luxury you cannot afford.

Even with all the aforementioned conditions, you can only survive on a ₦30K monthly income, not thrive. With a ₦30K monthly income, you cannot afford even the tiniest bit of luxury.

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