DNB January 2016 Awards!!!

Wins are calculated from readers’ shares and comments.

1. Most Read Story of the MonthAhmed by Nnenna Okolo (Nigeria)

2. Most Shared Story of the Month
Coming Back! (In-House)

3. Funniest Story of the MonthPhilomena (In-House)

4. Most Touching Story of the Month
The Things That Happen On The Highway by Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer (Nigeria)

5. Editors’ PickAhmed by Nnenna Okolo (Nigeria)

6. Most Outstanding Reader of the MonthCoded Baby


A big CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!


DNB Stories appreciates you all and wishes everyone a love-filled February!!!


Again, we’d like to request the assistance of our devoted readers to donate anything they could, whenever they could.

We want to do more in rewarding our outstanding storytellers and readers.

Remember, “It takes just a story to change the world“- Daniel Nkado.

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