What women have and men can’t have and vice versa???

by Pubali Mazumder

To all the WOMEN out there:

You have a dark complexion, there is foundation.

You are skinny, implants are there.

Your eyebrows are shapeless, you can shape them.

You are fat, liposuction is the way.

You don’t want to study anymore, you can get married to a rich guy.

You want to call off a marriage, you can demand alimony.

You need not worry about supporting your family, you have a husband to do that.

You don’t have to wait hours in a queue, there is always a special ladies line.

You have mood swings, blame it on the hormones.

To all the MEN out there:

You want to take a night stroll, you can do it without any fear.

You want to drink, you can have one with no one judging you.

You can walk down the street with no fear of boys wooing you.

You can focus on your career, no pressure of getting married at a young age.

You can choose your career path, your gender does not define your career.

You do not get to hear, “You are a girl, you cannot do it.”

Your strength is your main weapon.

Feminists say women deserve more rights. Activists fighting for men believe feminism is incorrect. But have we ever wondered what equality says?

Why are men fighting against women when they are the strongest together?

Let’s believe equality is the way to all the problems. We should fight for equality rather than one gender being superior to other.

P.S. Every sentence is bound to have an exception. It is not to stereotype any gender.


Pubali Mazumder is a Biotechnology Engineer. She is young, enthusiastic and adventurous.

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