“Pornography can kill your marriage”

by David Grason

During the first part of my marriage, the sex was great!

My wife and I were humping like little bunny rabbits for a couple of years in the beginning.

But… it gets old and then an amazing thing happens.

A deeper type of love settles in and it is impossible to explain to someone who has not yet been there. It is a feeling of overall wellness and comfort that cannot be quantified in words.

And there is an intrinsic value to it that simply doesn’t initially meet the eye.

Yes, I saw my wife put on weight and lose her looks. But she was the same girl still and HEY, I lost my hair and teeth and started putting on weight too.

So I always felt that I would have been a terrible hypocrite if I had passed any type of judgement on her because she was no longer young and beautiful.

And I can also say that that deep love that I just spoke about had me always seeing my wife in the exact same way as I saw her in our youth.

To me, she honestly did look just as pretty at 48 as she had looked at 28. These feelings can easily keep a husband faithful.

But also, there are some other key elements to a successfully monogamous relationship.

The husbands should keep the pornography out of the marriage.


Porno can be very addictive and can motivate viewers to believe that they are missing something that the marriage doesn’t have.

This creates a disparity of mental images that leads to depression and dissatisfaction.

So, to sum it all up, here are the four main factors that play a part in keeping married partners faithful:

1. A wonderful infatuation and great sex in the very beginning.

2. A deeper love that grows over time.

3. A feeling of comfort and satisfaction that eventually settles in.

4. Complete abstinence from pornography, or any other influence that can be corrosive.


David Grason

I’m just a startled bunny in the headlights of life.

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