Official: The DNB Submission Approval Process

DNB Stories is not a free-to-post forum. Every post published on our site goes through a line of scrutiny.

Our guiding policy is: We rather not than post it undercooked.
Presently we receive enough submissions daily that could sustain a five-stories-per-day program if we wanted that.

But we know that one good story is way better than ten.

This is the DNB Stories Submission Approval Process:
1. When you submit your material to us, you will get an instant automated message acknowledging receipt of your submission.

2. An editor goes through your submission and once it shows the message has been read, no other editor will bother opening the message.

3. If the person that read your piece liked it or saw potential in it, or thinks he/she can work with it, he/she will approve it.

You will get a congratulatory approval message.

Receiving this message means that you have done something right.

4. After this, the approved story is filed and dated.

5. Because we are still few, most times an editor will be processing up to five stories at once, coupled with some other responsibilities he/she might have.

6. Whenever the person processing the story feels it is now fit, he/she will e-mail it to the chief editor’s desk who will give the final nod.

This is why we cannot truly guarantee exactly when an approved submission will be put up.

We’ve published a story the same day it was approved, still, a story has stayed longer than three months in our hands.

We plead your patience at this point.

7. Because we are a very jealous blog, we have a strong affinity to fresh pieces.

We will quickly cancel any approved submission on discovering your story has been posted somewhere else.

Also never send us copied material. DNB Stories abhors and will never condone plagiarism.

Lastly, there are a number of conditions we seek to be obeyed before sending us your work.

Please find them all HERE.

Violating any of our terms is not nice and may mean that your submitted work will not be reviewed.

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11 Comments on “Official: The DNB Submission Approval Process”

  1. This explanation came at a very good time. This morning I received a mail that my story that has been pending for a very long time was cancelled. Now I know it's because I grew impatient and published it somewhere else last week. More grease to your elbow DNB

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