Is this the definition of an end-time friend?

by Gloria Ezeh

Beautiful Malaysian girl Esty Richard shared this story online:

My boyfriend once bought me a necklace and my supposed best friend acknowledged it.

I politely said thank you and she went on to add:

“My boyfriend wanted to get one for me that looks exactly like yours but I told him, ew, no, that looks so cheap!”

I was stunned by her response and later changed the topic to our traveling plans.

I mentioned that my boyfriend and I might head to Bali or some other South East Asia country for an affordable, short vacation and she immediately said:

“Yea, my boyfriend and I want to travel too but, SEA countries are so boring and I feel like it’s for people who can’t afford to go elsewhere. We’re planning to go to Italy but I’m sure you’ll enjoy Bali.”


Please describe Esty’s best friend in one word…

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