How every man can last longer in bed

by Daniel Nkado

The first thing I’d tell anyone feeling anxious about how long they need to last while having sex is to calm the f***k down.

Perhaps you have been watching too many adult videos of couples having sex for hours or reading those scam internet articles of people testifying how they lasted 2 days after they consumed one magic concoction or herb. 

Adult films sell fantasy and not reality. Sex is not as fantastic and smooth as you see in the movies. The scenes are cut and edited and one long scene may have been shot over several days.

Watching and reading about freakish things online can distort one’s sense of what’s normal.

The basic thing to note is that we are all different, share different circumstances and react to things differently.

Here are reasons you come the way you do:

a. Age: Young guys generally have more trouble with lasting longer than older guys.

b. Experience: As we become more experienced, we understand more about our bodies and how to perform better.

c. Personality: Tension and anxiety affect us differently. Men who are worried about losing their erections or getting it wrong while on it seem to be more likely to rush things.

d. Genetics: Some people are just naturally more sensitive than others, so will always come faster!

e. Bad masturbation habits: A lifelong habit of rapid, high-intensity masturbation may pattern the brain for quicker orgasms.

f. Time since the last ejaculation: If it’s been long you were there, you are much more likely to arrive faster the next time you try.

These tips can help any man last longer during sex

1. Just relax

It’s just sex, not a deathmatch. Whether the orgasm came in 2 minutes or after 82 hours, it’s still orgasm and will still come and go like the others.

You are not going to transform into an elf or get invited to Aso Rock because yours took time to come.

Some people feel the longer the sex would mean the more satisfying. I beg to differ. Stretched too long, sex can turn boring and unexciting.

Do not let the tension get you — sexual performance anxiety affects men more than women and it only make things worse. Do what you can do and leave the rest to God!

Na come you come, you no kill person!

2. Sex is not just about the coitus

I hear a lot of men do this. They just “off” clothes and dive right into it. Classic wrong move! Why not learn from your ancestors — take out time for some hot foreplay — kiss, suck, eat and do that one they do with the fingers too. Just do other things before going in for the main thing.

The extraordinary thing about this is that it’s still all going to be counted as the sex time, meaning that even if the foreplay lasted 10 minutes and you arrived in just 2 minutes after the entrance, your partner can still say the sex lasted 12 minutes!


3. Do some planning

See, just avoid those sharp-sharp things some boys do. It’s always best to calm down and have clean, planned sex. Tidy up (both the room and yourself) and make sure the room is airy (preferably air-conditioned) and soundproof too, in case either you or your partner moan like the lawnmower.

You can read this previous article about planning great sex in Nigeria

4. Pay more attention to your partner

Do you know that she will never complain of how long you lasted if she comes before you?

No, think about it fess.

Why not forget about yourself (since you already know how quickly you get to places) and pay more attention to your slow partner and concentrate on getting her there before you.

Again, think about it.

E. Use the BLOCK technique

If you must, you can go on to still apply some conscious effort before or during sex that will block you from peaking too soon and help you last longer.

You can:

i. Squeeze the back of your balls. Just a minor sharp squeeze; don’t kill yourself by your own hand.

ii. Think about something else. You can think about your rent or that big loan you are yet to clear. Or (if you are religious) try to imagine what it would look like finding yourself in hell. Linger on these thoughts and see how much time you can buy yourself.

iii. Change your stroke. You can calculatingly try avoiding your sensitive areas. (especially the head).

iv. Masturbate before the sex


Daniel Nkado is a Nigerian writer and the founder of

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Note that this article is provided for informational purposes only and should not substitute the professional advice of a licensed medical practitioner.

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