Difficulty in opening Blogger blogs and what you can do!

by Victor Uma

If you live in Nigeria, or some other part of West Africa, you might have noticed the issue with opening certain blogs.

This problem started around October and it mainly affects blogs and websites hosted on the Blogger platform.

While we currently do not know for certain why this is happening, the bulk of complaints we have received come from people using GLO and Airtel networks.

Those using MTN, 9 Mobile and other network providers appear not to have an issue at all.

Now as we try to get to the real root of the matter, this is what you can do for the meantime to ensure you don’t miss out on enjoying your favorite blogs.

1. Download Puffin Browser

We have no complaint yet from those using Puffin and UC web browsers. 

Chrome browser is also working perfectly.

2. Change your service provider

Really all the complaints we have received came only from those using GLO and Airtel networks. You might consider using another service provider and see if the problem persists.


Please bear in mind that this issue is not from us or the Blogger platform.

The much we know now it appears to result from some certain network providers still using outdated means of providing data service.

The internet world is constantly evolving hence the need to always carry out timely upgrades to match the fast pace of technology innovation.

Please leave a comment if you have experienced, or are experiencing this kind of problem, and/or how you were able to get it resolved.

DNB Stories remain committed to providing excellent service and user experience to our devoted readers.

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