This is the best data plan in Nigeria for heavy internet users right now

Written by DNB Stories tech writer, Maxwell

This post will favour MTN subscribers more. Most Nigerian network users own an MTN line but only use it for calls and not for browsing or data subscriptions.

Both young and elderly Nigerians are in this category. The MTN line is probably the first network line they owned and all their friends, family and acquaintances already have the number. So they resolve to keep the sim and then get another network sim for their browsing and data subscriptions – mostly Airtel or sometimes Glo.

Glo Nigeria generally have very attractive data plan offers but network coverage seems to remain a big issue for the indigenous tech giant.

Some Nigerian internet users gulp as much as 20GB data value in just one day.

Airtel Nigeria also has great data subscription plans and boasts of a better network coverage than Glo. The Airtel Binge Plan offers are exceptionally mouthwatering, especially the 6GB weekly plan for just N1500.

Find the complete Airtel Binge Plan bundles below:

N300 Binge PlanN3001GB1 day
N500 Binge PlanN5002GB1 day
N1,500 Binge PlanN15006GB1 week
To subscribe, dial *141#

While this is great, what if you were to learn that there is an MTN data subscription that far out-rivals the Airtel Binge Plans?

The truth is that there is. It is called the MTN 2-in-1 Double Data offer. With this plan category, you get double data value on all your subscriptions. The offer is so good you will find it hard to resist.

The MTN double data offer is like the Airtel’s binge plans but in MAX form. The plan is exceptionally great for heavy internet users who cry every time they realize how much of their savings had gone to data subscriptions.

With the MTN Double Data offer, you will get twice the plan value of any subscription you make.

Check out the MTN Double Data Plan offers:

1GB PlanN2001GB1 day
1.5GB PlanN3001.5GB1 day
1.5GB PlanN5001.5GB7 days
9GB PlanN20009GB30 days
20GB PlanN350020GB30 days
30GB PlanN500030GB30 days
To subscribe for the MTN Double Data plan, dial *121*3# to check your eligibility.

Term and conditions apply and some plans may not be available to some subscribers. The more you use your MTN for data subscriptions, the more bonus offers you will get.

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