These are the current 10 highest-paid actresses in the world!

by Miz Tee

Jennifer Lawrence has finally lost her place as the highest-paid actress on Forbes’ annual list. Lawrence, who was No. 1 in both 2015 and 2016, moved down on the list for 2017.

According to Forbes, the current 10 highest-paid actresses are:

1. Emma Stone ($26 million)

2. Jennifer Aniston ($25.5 million)

3. Jennifer Lawrence ($24 million)

4. Melissa McCarthy ($18 million)

5. Mila Kunis ($15.5 million)

6. Emma Watson ($14 million) 

7. Charlize Theron ($14 million) 

8. Cate Blanchett ($12 million) 

9. Julia Roberts ($12 million)

10. Amy Adams ($11.5 million)

Sadly, no black actress made the list, and it has been so for almost a decade now.

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