5 types of women to AVOID dating

by George Saint

First of all, all opinions expressed in this article are mine and they are largely subjective.

Still, talking from experience, these 5 types of women rarely make good relationships:

1. Career-obsessed women:

There is a big difference between a working class woman and a careerist. Career women are all about their careers and rarely have time for anyone or anything else.

Their primary concern is the advancement of their careers and so romantic relationships always come secondary to them. They find it distracting and will do anything to stay out of one. The sex might still be good but the emotional connection will definitely not be there.

2. Gold diggers

Unlike a career or working woman who would work to get to where she wants, gold diggers have mastered the act of manipulation. Their sole purpose of being with you is for material gain and once anything comes between that, they’d disappear!

The gold digger does not care how you look, or how much six packs you have, she is only there for the money.

3. Frigid women

Frigid women lacks emotional warmth. They don’t even care about sex or seeing you naked. All they want to talk about, if they are even kind enough to speak to you at all, is about the person that had abused them when they were young and the big revenge they are planning.

4. The sex freak

Something usually associated with men, but these days there are just as many sexually adventurous women as there are men. This can be a bonus if you too are that kind of guy, otherwise it won’t be long before you get burned out.

5. Super feminists

Radical feminists are the worst group of women to date. Chances are, they already hate you enough to even want to date you in the first place. They are all about laws and boundaries and even something as innocent as a small wink can initiate a big argument about sexism and the objectification of the female gender.

While real feminists can be inspirational and logical, radical feminists always take things too far.
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