Gbagada Wives – Episode 5


Blessing was getting ready to go meet a client when a knock suddenly came on the door.

“Who?” she asked.

“Babe, it’s me! Open the door!” It was Effiom.

Blessing slipped on her robe, walked to the door and pulled it open.

Effiom flowed into the room.

“Where are the kids?” Blessing asked her husband.

“They are fine!” Effiom said. He held his wife. “Sweetheart, come!”

Sensing the urgency in his voice, Blessing already knew. She slapped his hand away. “Where did you leave my children, you this raving maniac?”

“I told you they are fine. I just bought them movie tickets.”

“You bought them tickets and left them on their own? Effiom, what is wrong with you?”

“It was an animated movie! You don’t expect me to sit through a movie of over two hours watching talking animals?”

“You are mad.”


“How can you leave the kids all alone at the mall to rush back home here and be puffing like a dog on heat?”

“They permitted me to, and yes!—I am on heat! I am a dog! Scream it to the world! But just remember you know about this before you agreed to marry me!”

“Oh so now you are blaming me now?”

“Not blaming anyone—I’m just saying that you know!”

“Like I was expecting it to be this serious! Come on, you can’t even control yourself anymore!”

“Well, you are obviously the cause of that part!”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“I have a problem, yes, but you are obviously not helping me at all by always looking so pretty, and sexy, and – oh my God—Baby—” Effiom began kissing Blessing’s neck.

Blessing pushed him away, though gentler this time. “Get away from me jor.”

Effiom pulled off his shirt. “Babe, please na, let’s quickly get this over with and I’ll rush back to the mall at once. It’s a 2-hour movie, I told you.”

“Oga, no! Remember what the doctor said.”

“Forget that woman abeg. This is not as serious as she is making us believe.”



“I see. If you can leave my kids alone at the mall, then what else wouldn’t you do just to satisfy your raging libido?”

Effiom pulled down his shorts and his rock-hard organ thrust into the air. “Come on na, please?” He was twitching his nipples now as he moved in on his wife again.

Blessing pushed him away. “No!”

“Please na!”

“I said no!”

She wanted to go another way and Effiom blocked her. “Please, just help me out!”

Blessing stared at him, saying nothing.

“Babe, please na!”

Blessing extended an open palm. “How much will you give me?”

“How much do you want?”


“Haba. That’s too much. Remember I just gave you N20K last week.”

“Abeg shift.” Blessing pushed him off.

“Okay, okay, I accept. I will give you another 20K.”

“Good. Now do the transfer.”

“Ha, now?”

“Yes, Effiom, now!”

“Come on, I will give you later na!” He gestured around his erection. “Let’s get this calm first!”

“You are not serious.” Blessing turned to walk away.

“Okay, okay, I accept.” He hurriedly picked his shorts, brought out his phone and started tapping at the screen.

Blessing waited till she received an alert. She smiled and rubbed Effiom’s face now. “Oya come!”

“We are alone, let’s do it here na!” Effiom said.

“In the sitting room? No!”


Blessing rubbed the gentle hairs on Effiom’s chest. “Effy my Effigy, I said come.” She pasted a kiss on his forehead. “Follow me.”

“Okay, okay!” Effiom immediately bounced after his wife.

Inside their bedroom, Blessing held up a pair of wrist cuffs. “Come, Babe,” she said. “Come to Mama!”

Effiom’s eyes were on the object hanging from his wife’s hand now. “What’s that?”

“These ones are new,” Blessing said. “Come on, let’s try them.”

“Baby, can we not do toys now—there is no time.”

Blessing undid the ropes of her burgundy robe, so that her breasts came into full view. For a woman her age and reproductive standing, they are still well-rounded and delectably bouncy.

Effiom’s lips came apart in intense desire. “Oh shit!”

Blessing winked at him. “Come on then, Love.”

And with that Effiom readily surrendered his hands to Blessing and she cuffed him to the wooden bar of the bed.

A smiling Effiom watched his wife as she stepped back—but the smile quickly disappeared when, Blessing instead of removing her underwear after taking off the robe, slipped on her blouse and buttoned it up.

She began searching for a shoe to wear.

“Wh-what are you doing?” Effiom asked.

Blessing carried her handbag.

Effiom struggled to pull free but the cuffs held him back. “Babe, what na?”

The only reply he got was the loud bang of the door behind his wife’s image.

At the sitting room, Blessing searched Effiom’s shorts for his car keys.

Seeing and taking them, she opened the door and walked away.

She would get to the mall first before heading to Magodo, to meet the recently widowed woman who had ordered a set of 16-inch colossus natural-feel dildos.


Nkiru entered the toilet to find her husband sitting there.

She wrinkled her nose. “Who gave you beans to eat?”

Nnamdi smiled. He has the most beautiful smile of any man Nkiru has ever seen. And the best body too!

The first time they had sex, Nkiru couldn’t stop biting at his muscular ass. She still couldn’t understand why she was so attracted to it.

That evening she did something she never imagined she’d ever do to a man in this world—she’d raised Nnamdi’s legs and used her tongue on his anal area.

He had hairs – gentle sleeping hairs— but was surprisingly neat, so she continued.

Nnamdi allowed her, albeit reluctantly—though he kept looking at her with a quizzical smile on his face.

When Nkiru wanted to slide a finger into his tight butthole, he screamed and immediately brought down his legs.

Now as Nkiru watched him, she remembered that evening again, the memory causing flapping butterflies inside her.

She loved him, even much deeper than she can ever admit.

She bent, kissed him and dropped the soap she bought on the shelf above the sink.

By the time Nnamdi had finished pooping and showered, she was on the bed totally naked.

And as soon as he set his eyes on her, the organ between his legs filled with blood at once and he rushed to her.


Angel checked their balcony first before heading back inside to look at the study.

“Segun!” she called out—the big mistake that she made.

As soon as the two men playing sin inside the room, fondling each other behind closed door, heard her voice, they quickly straightened up and buttoned back their shirts.

Angel opened the door. “There you are,” she said, coming close to the men.

“Good morning, Angie,” Jacob said, swallowing hard.

“Hi Jacob.” Angel took Jacob’s extended hand and the two shared a brief hug.

“Welcome, Darling,” Segun said to his wife.

“Thanks, dear.”

He bent and kissed his wife’s cheek.

“Offered him anything?” Angel said into Segun’s eyes.

“Sure, of course, I did.”

“Did what?” Jacob said, feigning upset.

Segun knocked at his shoulder. “Go away!”

Angel smiled at the two men’s display of friendship. “Let me leave you two; want to quickly get to Princess’s school.”

“Okay, did you get me the almonds?” Segun said.

“No, will get while coming back.”

“I think I should be leaving now too,” Jacob said.

“Why?” husband and wife chorused.

“Stay right where you are, I’d soon be back,” Angel said.

Jacob smiled. “I want to, but Jessica and I have plans.”

Again husband and wife looked at each other, smiled mischievously and chorused: “Hmmm!”

Jacob laughed.

“Well, let me drop you off then?” Angel offered.

“Oh, that’d be nice.”

While in the car, after they had gone some distance, Angel looked at Jacob and called: “Jay?”

Jacob turned to her. “Yes, dear.”

“There is something very important I’d like to discuss with you.”

“Oh okay, I’m listening,” Jacob said.

Angel slowed the car and parked.


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Gbagada Wives was created and produced by Daniel Nkado.

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