What to know before buying a FreeDOS laptop

by Staff writer

DOS simply means Disk Operating System.

It is an old OS that allows you to format your disk, copy and paste files on your system, etc, the way you like.

In a nutshell, it is a kind of basic operating system with no pre-installed graphical user interface.
So why do laptops come with DOS nowadays?

I can only think of one reason – because the laptop manufacturers are trying to trick customers into thinking that a laptop is actually cheaper when on freeDOS.

But in reality, that is not the case.

A laptop with free DOS may be cheaper than a laptop that comes with Windows 10 but then after buying the FreeDOS laptop, you will soon realize you need to buy Windows 10!

And it is actually a lot more expensive to buy a DOS laptop and then buy Windows separately after.
It is great however for those who don’t care about Windows and who prefer the Linux Operating System because Linux is a free and open-source software operating system.

And many Linux users don’t need Windows pre-installed; for instance they can run Windows 7 in a Virtual Machine in Linux.

So the thing is, if you use Windows then always buy a laptop that comes with Windows pre-installed because you will still pay to get it after buying the freeDOS laptop!
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