5 mistakes you make in your 20s that could ruin your life

by Staff writer

For most of us, 20s is the time of adventure. Everything is still so new so you are driven to try them all out.

While this can be fun and awesome, it could also be dangerous. Left unchecked, the freedom of 20s can lead a lot of people into actions that they might start to regret later in life.

Here are some of the mistakes you should never make in your 20s:

1. Getting married and rushing to have kids

Chances are you might meet your first love in your 20s and without any backlog of experiences to fall back to, you immediately want to rush into marriage and start having kids with the wrong person. At 30 and beyond, you think clearer and are able to see and understand some things you have no knowledge of before. You are also more emotionally mature to handle the stress that comes with marriage and raising kids.

2. Ignoring your health

Mostly, you look your most vibrant in your 20s — something majority of us easily take for granted. You may start clubbing, smoking and drinking, without realizing that you are stuck with just one body in your lifetime. At 20s, you easily do to your bones, heart and lungs, what they cannot take in your 40s, 50s and 60s. Ignoring your health is an extreme mistake you can make in your 20s that might ruin the rest of your life!

3. Following the wrong crowd

Defining your circle in your 20s can be pretty hard. You don’t even know what you want yet. You are fascinated by everything and are easily lost to pressures from peers, while not realizing that we are all different individuals with quite dissimilar compositions and background.

4. Making rash decisions

One of the things people in their 20s do often is make rash decisions. They assume that it will all work out for the best and don’t want to waste any time. They see no reason in taking some time to think things over. Life at 20s can be so fast-paced it becomes easier for individuals to come into bad situations.

5. Saying no to opportunities

There is that feeling when in 20s that keeps reassuring you that you got all the time. You put off going to school, or learning a skill, or travelling, or getting a job, or starting a business, thinking it is not time for such things yet. Of course, responsibilities are fewer and chances are you still get support from your parents, so it becomes easier to always take the fun way out. Till you are 30 or 40, and suddenly realize your parents are retiring and you got no career experience whatsoever.

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