Read why these three sisters faked their own wedding

by Staff writer

Lucy, Rosie and Claudia Ivers are three sisters from Brisbane, Australia who staged a fake ‘self-marriage ceremony’ in order to get on their grandmother’s esteemed family photo wall.

They were the only ones not featured on the wall, as they were yet to get married, and had no intention to.

As a joke, the sisters held a fake ‘self-marriage ceremony’ on November 10 last year, at Lucy’s apartment rooftop, with the total cost coming to $200.

Twelve guests witnessed the ceremony, and they happily dined on boxes of Domino’s Pizza and sipped glasses of rosé.

The girls said they wanted to prove that you don’t need a man or a huge budget to have a picture-perfect wedding.

The sisters purchased dresses from community website Gumtree for just $30 each, and posed for photos on the rooftop of Lucy’s apartment.

‘None of us are married and our grandmother has photos on her wall of all our cousins on their wedding days or with their partners,’ Lucy told Media Drum World.

‘So, we decided to stage a wedding with the sole purpose of getting our photos on our nana’s wall. It was a surprise.’

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