If there is a zombie apocalypse today, what item will be most useful to you?

A scene of reanimated half-rotten dead humans lumbering (that’s right – that is the word to describe how zombies walk) about the place, growling and looking for living people to bite can only be seen off a movie, right?

The Walking Dead, Zombieland, World War Z, zombies have been depicted in many works of horror across decades. Zombies are portrayed differently across several works.

Now imagine a scene of your favourite zombie movie playing out in real life, in this present-day Nigeria, what item will be most instrumental to your survival?

This question first came up on the bustling American forum Reddit and was received with some of the craziest answers you can think of.

Some of the answers include:

a. A book on local edible plants and mushrooms

This person thinks a zombie apocalypse will quickly cause food supplies to deplete and people will be forced to travel long stretches of bushes in search of supplies and to avoid the ugly creatures (think The Walking Dead). So knowing the local plants and mushrooms to eat will prove really helpful especially when you don’t know when next you will come in contact with a normal meal.

b. Boats

The commenter explained further: “I know some of them have people on big yachts in the ocean but really a small boat on a lake would be safe from zombies. Even a canoe you could anchor in the middle of a lake and sleep in.”

This actually makes a lot of sense, considering zombies don’t swim, or do they?

Another commenter was quick to point out why having a boat is not all that a great idea.

He said: “Boats are great but it depends on what phase of WWZ you’re in. It would be great for the initial phase where zombies are the threat. In the later phase, where humans are the concern, a boat just isn’t that great”.

This is a great point to note also, because in the face of a zombie apocalypse, it isn’t just the zombies you have to deal with. Humans too will be struggling to get hold of anything you have that could prove useful to them.

So it is not just about having something useful, it is also about ensuring it is something you can easily keep safe.

c. Olive oil

According to this person, she not only can cook with the olive oil, but she would also store enough she could pour on her stairs so the zombies can’t walk past without falling. Hmm. Creative much.

d. Duct tape and magazines

This sounded weird at first but when the person explained, it started to make sense. So this person says that he would tape the magazines all over his most vulnerable parts (where the zombies are likely to target and bite), such as the neck, arms and shoulders. Super creative, I must say. This is actually a great way to ensure you don’t end up joining the zombies.

e. A good water filtration device

This is another great one. A zombie outbreak will easily leave all water sources contaminated and finding a clean supply of water will become life’s ultimate goal.

Your turn now. What most useful tool will you keep that will help you survive a zombie apocalypse in Africa?

Drop your answers in the comment section.

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