Igbo names of different Nigerian fruits

Jackfruit – Ukwa oyibo

Ever wondered what your favourite fruit is called in the Igbo language?

Because the Igbo language is heavily anglicized, it is sometimes difficult to get the local names of certain fruits found over here.

The major reason for this is that the fruits are rarely referred to by their local names.

Lack of usage creates irrelevance, thereby making these Igbo names uncommon.

Here are the Igbo names of some of your favourite Nigerian fruits:

Pineapple – Akwuolo

1. Bananas – unere

2. Guava – gova

3. Mangoes – mangoro

4. Oranges – oroma

5. Pawpaw – okwuru

6. Pineapple – akwuolo

7. African star apple – udara

8. Coconut – aki oyibo

9. Soursop – shawashop

10. Avocado – ube oyibo

11. African pear/bush pear/bush plum/butterfruit – ube

African pear or bush pear – Ube

12. Lime – oroma nkirisi

13. Jackfruit – ukwa oyibo

14. Tiger nuts – aki Awusa

15. Mushrooms – ero

Mushrooms – Ero

16. African bush mango – ugiri

17. Pepper fruit – mmimi

18. Sugarcane – okpete

19. Palm fruit – akwu

20. Watermelon – anyu awusa or anyu ugwu


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