Why Z-Nation is one of the best zombie movies on Netflix

Written by Daniel Nkado

I just finished all 5 seasons of Z-Nation. You’d say I’m late – the show ran from 2014 to 2018.

Thanks to Netflix, I was able to see all five seasons within a little over a month. Yea – I intentionally calculated my watching pace so I don’t run out of episodes too quickly. I savored each episode, one at a time.

I loved Z-Nation very much. I’d say mostly for two major reasons. One, Z-Nation is a show that didn’t take itself too seriously. Most post-apocalyptic movies tend to spotlight only the doom. But not Z-Nation.

It didn’t stick to any of the set rules of its premise and feeds you with enough plot twists and turns for you to start questioning your own reality.

You will laugh a lot, get scared to the bone, battle not to throw up, yet, you likely won’t stop watching. George R. R. Martin, the author of Game of Thrones, appeared on this show as a f***ing zombie! LOL!

In Z-Nation, there are blaster zombies (simply called blasters) that have been affected by radiation and are super fast and hard to kill. There are phyto-zombies – you can guess this one…lol. And then there are talkers that are introduced in season 5 – zombies that could talk.

A phyto-zombie in Z-Nation

And let’s not forget the zombie baby that ate Lieutenant Hammond in the first season. There is also a zombie bear and other zombie animals – sheep, goat, dog.

If you take yourself too seriously then Z-Nation might not be the show for you. Not saying it is a kid show – far from it. In fact, the zombies were damn scary and most scenes will keep you on the edge.

Doc and Murphy

Some twists make no sense though. For instance, the part of Murphy’s daughter growing into old age within a couple of years just because she was born by a vaccinated father. And also Murphy repeatedly changing color like a chameleon. And there are also scenes that are just unbelievably stupid.

Another reason you will ignore all the pitfalls of Z-Nation (and believe me there are lots of them) and keep watching is the characters.

Lieutenant Warren, Murphy, Doc, 10K, Addy, etc. They are all amazing to watch. And Lieutenant Garnet of the National Guard whose death was just too painful. The characters had so much chemistry that it is just fun to watch. And that Doc and 10K sweet relationship…I like.

Everyone loves 10K aka ‘The Kid’

10K is my favorite Z-Nation character and probably everyone else’s as well. News flash – I’m now following Nat Zang on Instagram.

You can find all seasons of Z-Nation on Netflix. Also visit our new page for recommendations of Netflix movies.


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