Here is Kanayo O. Kanayo’s son Einstein playing the sax

Nigerian veteran actor Kanayo O. Kanayo has an adorable son called Einstein.

Einstein Kanayo is one of Kanayo O. Kanayo’s three children. Kanayo’s daughter and eldest child, Valerie, graduated from secondary school four years ago. Just like Einstein, Valeria is also well loved by their father.

A major thing to note about Kanayo O. Kanayo is that unlike how you see him in movies, the actor does not joke with his family and children. A true example of a super dad.

Kanayo O. Kanayo who is currently 58 years old in age has been married for several years now. The actor recently took to his official Instagram page to celebrate his son – Einstein Kanayo – as he shows great dexterity with the sax.

Saxophone like other woodwind musical instruments is not usually easy to master so it’s actually a great thing seeing young Einstein playing the instrument so well. You can imagine how proud Daddy Kanayo is, hence his excitement.

Many of the actor’s fans on Instagram also praised Einstein’s skill with the sax with some expressing their amazement.

“A young saxophonist, superb!” a fan commented.

“This is beautiful in all ramifications,” commented another.

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