Actor Chris Bassey talks about homosexuality in Nollywood

Nollywood actor Chris Bassey during a recent interview with Sun News talked about homosexuality in the Nollywood industry.

Chris Bassey said the rate actors and filmmakers engage in homosexuality has become so high that it has become more common than the ‘sex-for-role’ situation.

According to Chris Bassey whose full name is Christopher Etim Bassey, homosexuality is the new trending immorality in Nollywood at the moment.

The Cross River State-born actor and movie director said he believes sex-for-roles are a thing of the past.

Read all Chris Bassey said about homosexuality in Nollywood during his interview:

“The industry is not the way it used to be because now the rate people engage in homosexuality is too high. But then, when a lady presents herself to a man and says ‘I want you to help me, this is what I can do’. There is a way a lady will present herself and the man will listen to her, but not when you want a role or someone to help you, you are going the other way round.

“Yes, sex-for-role happened in those days, but I believe not anymore. Gone are the days when you had to sleep with someone to get a role, it doesn’t happen again. Even if it does, the percentage is very, very low. These days, you have directors that have their own academies, they want people to register under them and possibly from there, they can get roles. So, I don’t think sex-for-role is still happening.”

Chris Bassey is a Nigerian actor, writer and director from Cross River State.

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