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Who is BBNaija Wathoni?

Wathoni was one of the housemates who participated at the 2020 BBNaija Season 5 reality TV show, tagged “Lockdown”. Wathoni is a 29-year-old fashion entrepreneur from Nigeria. Wathoni’s full name is Florence Wathoni Anyansi.

Full data profile of BBNaija Wathoni

Full NameFlorence Wathoni Anyansi
Birthday April 18, 1991
Marital StatusSingle
Place of ResidenceLagos
CareerFashion entrepreneur, blogger, sociologist

BBNaija Wathoni’s Childhood and Education

BBNaija Wathoni grew up in Lagos State. She attended the University of Lagos from 2011 to 2015 and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology.

BBNaija Wathoni’s Work History

Before starting her fashion business, Wathoni worked for many companies in several areas of business, most of them connected to content creation and sales.

Wathoni’s career before BBNaija Show spanned many years of working for several companies. Between 2010 and 2011, Wathoni was employed at Just For You Boutique in Lagos as a sales attendant.

Wathoni later got a better job as a receptionist for Julius Berger Nigeria PLC. Wathoni was with Julius Berger Nigeria for close to a year before leaving. The following year, Wathoni joined Ember Creek, a bar, restaurant and fashion café in Ikoyi, Lagos, as their new public relations officer.

Wathoni stayed out of work for a while to give birth to her beautiful son in 2014. In 2016, after the birth of her son, Wathoni started a role as an event manager for Melting Moments, a dessert and cakes store in Lagos. Wathoni did not last in the job.

A few months after that, Wathoni joined the sales department of Hemingway’s Safaris Africa Ltd, a travel agency in Lagos. Wathoni also worked as a social media manager for Adensecret, an African online fashion store, for close to two years (2016 – 2018).

The same year BBNaija Wathoni left Adensecret, she joined Spotlight International for a similar role of a social media manager and content creator.

Wathoni started her own fashion company called Wathonis in 2016. Before joining the BBNaija show, Wathoni was the head of content for her own show, Baby Talk Show With Wathoni – an online show discussing pregnancy, motherhood and parenting.

Other interesting facts about BBN Wathoni

BBNaija Wathoni is a former blogger. Wathoni Anyansi started the now-defunct blog “Memoirs of a Single Mom” in 2011.

Wathoni likes fashion. She says she likes to look good and help others look good as well.

The 29-year-old fashion entrepreneur said: “I love to look good and it is my job to help people look good.”

Wathoni and Kenyan root

While Wathoni’s father is Igbo, her mother is from Kenya. Wathoni can speak Swahili.

Wathoni’s Son

Wathoni has a 6-year-old son. Between 2013 and 2014, Wathoni Anyansi got pregnant and gave birth to her beautiful boy. Wathoni raises her son alone. As a single mother, Wathoni BBN says that providing for her son is one of her biggest achievements in life.

BBNaija Wathoni’s net worth

Wathoni’s exact net worth is currently not known. A rough estimate of Wathoni’s net worth puts it at a few million naira.

BBNaija Wathoni’s boyfriend or husband

BBNaija Wathoni is a single mother. She is not married and says she does not have a boyfriend or husband.

BBNaija Wathoni on social media

BBN Wathoni is active on social media.

The official Instagram account of BBNaija Wathoni is @wathonianyansi.

The official Twitter account of BBNaija Wathoni is @wathonianyansi.

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