Check out the BBNaija housemates up for eviction this week

The BBNaija Season 5 nomination process took a different turn this week.

The remaining seven BBNaija Lockdown housemates apart from head of house Nengi were divided into two teams of three.

Team White comprised Laycon, Vee and Trikytee and Team Black comprised Dorathy, Ozo and Neo. Each team was given 30 minutes to nominate two housemates from the opposing team to be put up for eviction.

After the group nominations, Team White nominated Dorathy and Ozo while Team Black nominated Laycon and Trikytee.

With BBNaija sweethearts Neo and Vee split among the two teams, they easily manipulated their way to save each other.

BBNaija Neo and Vee played their way into the finals

The four BBNaija Lockdown housemates up for eviction this week are:

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